Tea bags is an enemy of teeth




The colors available in the tea bag for dental health losses.
The tea bags, instant products for preparation of a glass of tea and are must, within a short time, the desired color to find the consumer, therefore, seems to be more of them, the color is a color of tea during the normal process of free-pull the tail, and the more the color of food and drinks such as tea, coffee or chocolate, is more teeth, more fall colors but there candied tea article which wants to cause decay The teeth.


Tea bags is an enemy of teeth


In fact, a tea contains some fluoride (a substance that can prevent rot from teeth). Of course, a number of fluoride different types of tea are so anti-this property does not decay with tea can cause tooth decay and tooth damage incurred through the consumption of tea bags, related to its color. Get the color of the teeth on the effect of food and drinks, natural and unavoidable chromatic.

Now if you are due to working conditions or your life, have to consistent use of tea bags, you can get color for prevention of teeth, in addition to continuous washing them with water, 2 times a day with fluoride toothpaste containing a toothbrush and occasionally (2 times a week) from the abrasive toothpaste like toothpaste for smokers. Mass measurements can also be another way to eliminate the color of teeth.


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