Take a tent, but the tent right

Take a tent, but the tent right
You may think if you are going to go at night, you do not need to use tents. But always having a shelter reliable, useful. Fortunately, today’s market there are different types of tents that are easily transportable. So be careful and tent with you.

Mountain animals
Mountain may exist predator insects to animals. But first of all you need to know the areas where they lived, and we have no right to destroy them. In fact, we have people enter their territory. So should as far as possible from ourselves and especially our children should be protected against them. In the case of predatory wild animals and should be on their way again. Namely, the commuter traffic routes and locations for our tent. In fact, in the ordinary mountain routes, usually these animals will not face. So do not leave the main road and the quiet away from the crowds do not bite. But insects such routes can not be averted. That’s why it is better to prevent harm and injury. One way is to wear enough clothes, so that all parts of the body are covered. Also in Kiev First Aid, Medicine for bite each other.

کوهنوردی,سفر به کوهستان،رفتن به کوهستان

Strength hikers are always good and keep fit

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