Swim what effect on hair health?


Associate Professor of Tehran University of medical sciences stated: “the everyday exposure to naturally exposed to water and chlorine can cause hair dryness, breakage, and its corrosion.

Dr. GH Ghaffar poor with emphasis on this topic with the daily wash the chlorine can be ruined stated: “usually after swimming is recommended each time the person her hair with a gentle shampoo for dry hair and vulnerable and are moisturizing and also after washing of the hair conditioner.


Swim what effect on hair health?


This is a specialist in skin and hair more added: “disregard the issue causes if there are too much chlorine and heavy minerals in the water, dry and refreshing individual hair and lose your beauty.”

He expressed that change the color of the hair after swimming pool is also another issue that most women have it, continued: “change the color of blonde hair and gray and mix can be due to the presence of copper ion in the water pool or caused by copper pipes that lead to the pool and the water makes the hair to the color green.”


Swim what effect on hair health?


Ghaffarpoor for the prevention of the occurrence of this mode is to be advised: “women of swim caps.”


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