Space Aliens


Whether aliens really do exist or not, there are many uncertainties, it can be seen The more we pass with evidence that confirmed the existence of aliens. The rest of this article is intended to familiarize yourself with the 20 actually read about them. be associated with.

That public space aliens referred to as alien from ancient times until now capitalize create fantasy stories, video games, and movies are. Whether in science or not aliens exist in the Milky Way is not proven but the evidence is still to recognize that historically formed the majority of people have accepted the existence of aliens. Many people around the world have claimed that aliens have been hijacked and abused by them.
1. Insurance over twenty thousand people “kidnapped by aliens” bought. A company has already insured, $ 1 per year for abduction by aliens to give a million years! To hell with the insurance companies!
2. Some of the firefighters in the United States of America has been taught how to behave when dealing with space aliens. Even believe that the information you receive can also help to injured aliens!
3. If space aliens in sixty-five million light-years away in the Milky Way look to us, will see the age of dinosaurs.
4. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to the moon and stepped on it alleged aliens have contacted humans several times. He also claimed that the government knows Hqyqthayy of aliens, but refuse to disclose the truth about them to the public.
5 – Eastern Angelina scientists claim that 2% is likely to prove the existence and nature of aliens to ten years.
6. Mr. Kalmykia, President of the World Chess Federation believes that the game of chess was invented by space aliens! He claims that on September 1997, seventeen yellow clothes had been stolen by aliens.

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