Solutions for the treatment of the cracks of the foot



The heel of the left foot is a very common problem and it is possible for anyone to come there. If the actions do not fit the requirements at the time, the Turks, in addition to destroying the beauty of your feet, can also lead to bleeding and pain. Some of the reasons for creating the heel toe, leaving the coming dry weather, the lack of adequate moisture to the skin, improper care of the foot, unhealthy diet and wearing the wrong shoe types.
Very well, you should know that you can treat this complication, instead of going to the doctor, there are some ways to leave the foot heel therapy that can be easily made at home. In this guide, we leave the 10-foot heel home remedy for you to browse.

Solutions for the treatment of the cracks of the foot

1. vegetable oils
Rub vegetable oil on the types of leave the heels of feet can have good results. As well as those who have dry feet should use vegetable oil to leave the legs. You can use olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil or hydrogenated vegetable oils of any kind to improve foot cracks.

First the feet with a pumice Peel and wash well, then the vegetable oil to apply your feet and heel soles. After a pair of clean socks and feet to go to bed, now the oil to penetrate into the skin of your feet is enough time. In the morning you will notice that the heel of the foot is softer. This treatment may continue for several consecutive days up to the heel of the foot to leave the good improvements.

2. paraffin wax
If you leave your feet really bad conditions and creates a lot of pain, paraffin wax is one of the cures that can quickly relieve foot. Buy paraffin wax and mixed with mustard oil or coconut oil and then heat it for a while until the wax melts well.
Before the use of wax, wait for it to return to room temperature. For better results, before you go to bed leave wax on the heel and in the morning wash it very well apply. You should have this treatment for one to two weeks to see a repeat of its positive results.


3. banana
You can leave the heels of your feet at home with bananas ripe also treat! A ripe mashed banana to the batter the monotony of it. The first leg to be well cleaned, and then the dough is obtained from bananas to apply and let the leg for 10-15 minutes on foot to foot to stay dry the skin well nourished. Now your feet with warm water and then wash the inside of the well immersed in cold water. This is the way home therapy every day for a few weeks and repeats the process of the soft heel and strainer that you can enjoy.


4. Lemon tart
The acidic properties of lemon can be very useful but should make sure that the lemon juice just to the skin of the heel of the foot is rubbed hard. In addition, you can feet for 10-15 minutes in a bucket of hot water to which you’ve added lemon dipped. Remember that do not use hot water because the moisture can destroy your foot. At the end of the leg with the foot wash and dry with towel and SOAP.

6. Vaseline
To avoid leaving the heels of your feet, you have a dead hard around the foot of the skin to peel on a regular basis and then rub a bit of Vaseline, the heel of the foot area cover OBO. After rubbing petroleum jelly must be female to be able to make good on your skin to white influence. This will cause the foot to leave the creation of prevention the meeting comes, and of course, the heel your feet soft and moist. This treatment daily repeats before you go to bed.

Solutions for the treatment of the cracks of the foot

7. honey
Honey also since antibacterial and moisturizing properties can leave the heel of the foot as a therapy to be used. Honey can also improve the treatment of dry skin of the heel of the foot and the leg left to be used. To make the heels have a soft honey cups in a pail until half is filled with warm water, mix and make your feet for 15 to 20 minutes in this mixture are immersed. At the end of the legs slowly peeling and soft feet of fun. With these home remedies are no longer a drought will remain on your skin.

Solutions for the treatment of the cracks of the foot

9. rice flour
For the peeling of your feet, you can use a homemade scrub made by honey, Apple Cider vinegar, and rice flour. For making this scrub, two to three tablespoons of flour, rice, a few tablespoons of honey and a little bit of vinegar mix together apples

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