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Do you want smooth and glowing skin? then read the following content
The Peel is actually removing the dead skin cells, which your skin glowing and smooth. What is the swimming season or just want a clean your skin and soft, exfoliating from head to toe with your skin will be brilliant? many of the ladies your face peeling, but the other parts of their bodies. Before using the products for tanning the skin or skin rejuvenation for tired in the winter, the Peel is very important.
You need to peel the rites:
Cleansing peeling
Leaf, brush or body Exfoliating gloves
Body lotion
The method of exfoliation:

Skin Peel at home

1 – before entering the shower dry skin body brush with brush, or Exfoliating gloves
. This work will help the surface crust go away and be prepared for the process of peeling your face. do your feet from the floor and started on all your body continue.
2 – shower and wet from head to foot, if you suffer from severe sunburn or any cuts or sores on your body to play there, don’t Peel your skin.

3 – a stone stepped on your foot to the particles and rough spots and calluses from your feet. If is very rough before it enters the bathroom, it’s for 30 minutes in warm water and soaks your milk.

4 – from his peeling cleanser along with the leaf or use your gloves. Wash your body with a rotary motion of the feet start and continue this method until the top. In sensitive areas, do not clean your face hard, because in this area the skin very vulnerable.
5 – use a brush or leaf to peel back and the places difficult to reach.
6 – your skin, especially around the eyes and on your mouth gently peels do.
For the case of a special peeling product that is more of a gentle Exfoliating products designed for the body.
7 – don’t forget your hands, you’ll want to consider them smooth.

Skin Peel at home

8 – your body wash with lukewarm water, try to place the cooler water of possible use.
9 – after doing the steps of a bath body moisturizing lotion for all parts of your body. body lotion and facial moisturizer containing Alpha or beta hydroxy s. Slee and they are an ideal choice because it is made of dead skin cells or the.
10 – of body moisturizer once a day. dry skin peels so you must keep hydrated your skin.
Peeling products:
A peeling cleanser that contains sea salt, peanuts, nuts, and seeds are select. to achieve the soft silky skin, usually once or twice a week is enough to peel, but the ladies with oily skin have more people with dry skin exfoliation.

If your skin after the Peel is highly sensitive or dry, clean it with intensity and toughness should change the Peel procedure taking into account the possibility that you may be allergic to products that you use.




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