سفر, سفر رفتن

* You do not need all the time, check your bags at home eating. Bread can be obtained from the villages or towns on the way. Eggs and dairy such as cheese, milk and even fruit native to a region’s local villagers can buy.

* If science camp somewhere that the city still does not have all your meals yourself with yourself. I planned route and at the last village that has a supermarket or grocery store, shopping. Be creative and to buy potatoes, tomatoes, cheese and sausage or sausage on fire in front of a tent, cook a meal for yourself.

* If the destination city or village, before his hit off the local cuisine. When we arrived at the address where the best place where you can eat local food from your own people. In some tourist cities Eating these foods is expensive, but if the way small towns, you can from the well created ask for money, you local food fix (please do Nknydkh you Msafryd, then politely ask and they do not talk that he was the shinning feel your money).

* Canned tuna, eggs, potatoes, boiled chicken, boiled vegetables and some food prepared foods Tvandjzv that promises to sweep the data arrives.

* Make sure you are prepared or semi-prepared foods you buy expiry History is. Eating food past the date of travel will be Bymarstantan way.

* Yourself dairy products and perishable remove sauce. Your style of home you’d fruit. In the way the eye is looking fruit that you can later buy them somewhere around the wash. Please do not eat fruit sitting! Children who are not!

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