Simple ways to be a better friend


Simple ways to be a better friend


Trying to be a better friend, a great and important work. But it is not impossible.


Simple ways to be a better friend
To listen


To listen a personality attribute for a successful relationship. Listen without judgment, a lot of will power. To listen positive influences on the relationship between you and puts this message that you or your friend have interest. Well listen to this opportunity gives you better know your friend. Don’t try to think about this during the conversation that the letter to your friend what he’s after, rather than listen to his word.


Be razdar


When your friend tells you something private, no matter how much you like it tell your spouse or parent should keep it to yourself. Create trust and privacy if this trust is lost it will be difficult to restore. A good friend would never get without the permission of the secret of his friend anybody anymore.


Ask a question


The part of a real conversation asking questions and listening to the answers. If youtell too much on something that you want to stay focused on a one-way conversation. Periodically ask your companions and friends in response to it only briefly to saythank you.


Leave time


A relationship of deep friendship requires attention and time. Of course you have a lot of concern and sometimes when you want to take out for a dinner you but need to know one of the best ways that you can have time for a better friend or your friend.
Better you should make time for romance to your friend. Getting high with age and make changes in your life to share this time will be difficult but should be all tlashtan you do so long to meet her friend.


Show appreciation


Do not forget to show your friend how much she is worth for you. Expression of appreciation to you or your friend make a huge difference in your relationship. Maybe you can be interested in show with their actions but should make sure that your friend know. All of the people to recall that what you‘ve created in the sensory and if this is a good sense of good friendships you have made.


To leave behind them the letter


If you want to be a better friend should become a person that never use negative words about his friend in front of others. Be the person to show love to celebrate the good days are beside him, and you can be a hard shoulder you lean.

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