Electro-mechanical device, a robot or a human with intelligent software to replace the target tasks. a machine that can be programmed to operate various orders and special tasks or a series. Especially those things beyond the natural and inherent human ability. This mechanical machines for the better to accomplish things because they felt down, receive and duplicate tasks such as welding or handling objects are processed.

On 6 January 2013, China stated that regarding the production and development of a technology of making industrial robots have significant progress. The country’s rate of progress the industry 10% in a single year have reported.


A robot is usually an electromechanical system that moves or self-concept or wish of his master. From where to speak of “robot” physical robots and virtual robots can be attributed to the term “virtual robots baht» is used, usually in the form of software agents.

History [edit]
The year 1923 ad:

Karl is the first of the word robot in his plays as androids.

The word robot was taken from the Czech word Robota in language and meaning and is working. (Documentation of the Word could not be found)

1940 ad:

The Westinghouse company builds a dog for the first time the specter of the mechanical parts of the electrical parts had been used in making it.

Decade 1950 ad:

Computer technology advances and changing control industry. one of the first robots, robots made Mafia Hidden George Devol and Joe anglbergr of 1950 and 1960 ad in decades. Anglbergr is the first robotic company with the name “RoboBand” and founded his own father today also has been dubbed the robotic science

The deadly robot is a fully automatic weapon that is without human intervention can be targeted and with it the battle. They are auto-lethal tools. One such machine that already exists but because of rapid advances in the field of Robotics making them closer to reality. There is an abundance of methods that make it possible to robots to stronger, more independent, more efficiently and behave like a robot that in case of a damaged work again (such as the six-foot robot that after injury with the use of the method of “trial and error with a clever”, can be found in less than 2 minutes to learn how to walk again, and then using this method is the best way to proceed step by step removal Finds). Or robots that are in untrusted environments and application, to be able to find matching and in difficult circumstances and different continues to move, and continue to be moved (like the big dog robot ( Big Dog)) now are focused on the tutorial robot engineers and others are making robots and substances that can be damaging in the form of “therapist”.

Friday, November 14, 1392, day (20 December 2013), the creators of a Japanese astronaut robot hentai text not planning ahead of the device with a Japanese astronaut who released the first registered case of TIC, an independent and innovative dialogue is a build machine man. These robots in the month of August with a spacecraft carrying supplies for the international space station was launched 10 days of August to this station.


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