Remove unpleasant odor and body with mango



Mango fruit that grows in warm regions and taste very good and nutritious. A medium mango than almonds for more nutritious body. Cute Iranian reports all parts of medicinal and therapeutic properties of mango tree that is in the article quoted from “ehow to pay part of its properties.

Remove unpleasant odor and body with mango

* Mango juice to reduce excessive body heat and unpleasant smell also destroys the body.
* Blood purifier and soothing properties.
* Excellent source of vitamin C, not mango, helps in the production of collagen to the skin, increase the flexibility of blood vessels. Of the disease scurvy (a kind of blood disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin c) prevention. To help with iron absorption and resistance power of the body is also increasing.
* Ripe mango from night blindness, dry eye, corneal softening, itching and irritation of the eyes with prevention.
* Chew the leaves of its young brood gums and teeth pain prevention.

* Eating raw mango with a little salt and honey, diarrhea, constipation and indigestion will go away.
* Eating mango with some salt, cater and the thirst of sunburn in the summer also diminishes.
* The ratio of ripe, unripe Mango Mango vitamin B and C are more
. * Taking the day a number of mango, in the season it improves circulation, nervous disorders, and memory loss.
* After taking a ripe mango, a glass of milk to eat.

Remove unpleasant odor and body with mango
Remove unpleasant odor and body with mango

* Available in Mango sugar and protein contained in milk for the health of the body are useful. * Fiber cannot dissolve in it, the waste from the colon passing and prevents constipation. * To the people who are going to help increase weight.


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