British doctors warned in a new study that the use of cosmetics , especially in large volumes, seriously endanger consumers’ health.

Many of these products, especially consumer goods tanning makeup that are fake and contain chemicals that according to the results of various tests and sometimes irreversible adverse side effects of these chemicals to the body.

According to the Daily Midori, the doctors are stressing many cosmetic products contain compounds of synthetic materials with health problems and diseases such as breast cancer, hormonal disorders, infertility, asthma, allergies, diabetes and even birth defects related. For this reason, a group of health experts to consumption of these products, especially in the current situation, most of us large amounts of lotions and cosmetics every day we use expressed their worries.

Dr. Elizabeth Salter – Green of experts, a charitable health organization in Britain in this regard stated: no one can directly say that a certain makeup products cause cancer or diabetes, but what is certain is that studies are increasingly confirmed the increased contact with large amounts of certain substances negatively affect on your health.

Salter – Green stressed that the use of cosmetics when multiple, large quantities of these chemicals every day products, detergents and cleaners, pesticides, materials classification and general industrial goods concerned are in contact ago is that more than ever the right to live healthy, take away.

The British expert said that our skin is not an impervious barrier, a critical member can absorb significant amounts of material from which the chemical compounds enter the bloodstream and be stored in the body. At last, they accumulate in the body, will have negative consequences.

In this paper, several effective methods to reduce exposure to these chemicals recommended as follows:

– Small amounts and diluted, if possible, cosmetics and industrial use of these products.

– Check product labels and names in the case of synthetic chemicals including Parabnz, formaldehyde and Tryklvsan taking them do not.

– Do not assume that products on the packaging, labeling them as organic or natural is always the best option and are safe. Although many of these products contain artificial ingredients and are less toxic but nonetheless still check their contents to the real ingredients they are.

– If commodity on labels that you provide written long list of chemicals preferably selected other commodities which controls the formation of diagnosis it is possible.

– To buy products such as creams and lotions that stay on the skin longer, more carefully.

– To select from a variety of uses that the plant dark hair or on their labels the word “no PPD┬╗ is mentioned.


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