Real love in animals



We humans think we have just really it’s that sense of, we love our children, we have loved …
In the event that animals also have the sensory sensation is far simpler and cleaner than we humans.
It is also a lover of life and a very romantic, are also behind the off. ..

The human brain and animal despite being very similar to each other but also with the time difference, many people believe that animals have instinct only, and this is the man who is the instinct and emotion.
“Charles Darwin” was the first person in his mind, the question emerged and tried to find an answer it!
Other biologists such as after him, “Norbert tried to discover the answer.

Real love in animals
Real love in animals


After the studies are plentiful and the scan was taken from the animal brain, researchers concluded that:
“Yes, animals also love but not like humans.”
They not only love, but love each other are the phenomenon and even humans, just sex. “this is the difference between the interest!

In an article titled “Can Love animals” has been written that the brain of many mammals generally, surprisingly similar to the human brain. For example, the brain of a cat is about 90% similar to our brains of men. This shows that they are actually able to experience romantic love. but this is still a hypothesis.
They are all humans is complicated even their sense of
The main difference between human and animal emotions is that animals have mixed feelings as there is in humans, they do not feel is simple and simple.
Animals in the sense of self-are quirky; they are with each other (or humans) concurrent relationships, love, and hate.
They are human beings like us, that we can love someone and after a while we hate him!
That is, we can gather the two sense ourselves like love and hate and. .. But it’s not like animals or something or not, comes the Middle!!!

When your lover to this animal doesn’t think that your bank account is and how much money or because you’re handsome or not? if your animal likes, no matter why, but really loves you.
The reason is that humans like animals, a certain sense of dedication and honesty is standing behind this.

Of course, we have a lot of examples of animals full of feel we have also:
Chimpanzees when they lose their mates they mourn, not next to the corpse of the long-awaited shake even eat and let someone is approaching it’s not!
Penguins are separated when their mates are very upset to learn the extent that perhaps depression!

Although scientists with the emotional behaviors of animals can see again in response to a definite love of animals is still a doubt!
The reason for this caution is that biologists want to accept the theory that the scientific base and are based only on speculation, the distance to reach a scientific theory. and must be based on reliable research and testing in several streams they have a specific and measurable results are always repeated. And to achieve such a result is precise about identifying feelings animals work very hard because the ratio of human to animal acts of giving an insight that man checks may not properly result!

Real love in animals
Real love in animals

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