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quit smoking



According to “health news» have you ever decide to quit smoking you’ve taken? Quitting smoking is one of the best gifts that you can give to yourself, but quitting smoking is not easy. American Cancer Society opinion, nicotine ( an addictive substance found in tobacco) the size of the heroin and cocaine is addictive.
In fact, a normal person may, before the success of smoking cessation efforts have failed, but fortunately, there are steps that a person can be successful in their goal of taking quit smoking and quit smoking forever.

While the statistics for the different leave addiction clinic shows the success rate and leave the tobacco materials, especially full of cigarettes, in the month of Ramadan to the maximum extent of their looks.

Reasons to write a paper on smoking cessation

First, the reasons to quit smoking your Berry and the reasons for it on the paper. If during the quit smoking temptations in your election can look out for these reasons but his temptation. Overall among the reasons for quitting smoking can be pointed to the following:


quit smoking

Compulsory success

Due to the ban on smoking in public and embarrassed Mullah drag smoker, decided to skip the cigarette and no little by little-diminished dependence on it, another factor the success of left in the month of Ramadan. In fact, this month due to the various strata of society, fasting makes up the individual somehow has lost its concentration and appreciated the opportunity to slow down and leave their cigarettes. In this case the person didn’t take many hours smoking and this is a good start for people so that they can with the scientific and practical solutions and utilizes the services of specialists in the field and the ability to quit smoking, follow these steps to be well laid out and easily behind the bad habit smoking set aside.

Kick smoking spark factors identify

Beck smoker who knows at what time the temptation to smoke at her. For example, a smoker may be while driving, after dinner and even to loneliness, depression, and smoking in stressful situations. At this time, try to get your mind in a way of smoking away. For example, when driving in the event of the formation of the temptations of smoking, chewing gum or eat after dinner, walk or busy your telephone conversation with a friend to think smoking is far from your mind.


quit smoking


To tolerate nicotine cravings

The good news is that nicotine is not a lifelong craving. In General, this penchant for five minutes and after 10 minutes there is no longer any mg nicotine. When you increase the desire for nicotine in their busy play with, for example, found the baby, drink a glass of water, deep breath and your reasons to quit smoking, look up your nicotine cravings subside.

Your senses to Perth

When nicotine cravings by eating in your brains or gum, distract you. In addition, you can divert your mind, practicing yoga, cooking, and other activities.

Discard your cigars

If you create an intense desire to nicotine, smokers may not be possible if the cell to overcome the cravings will be easier. So before you attempt to quit smoking first of all cigars available in the home or discard your desktop.



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