Pushes a miracle seed




According to health news, is a tree of the family of wild ginger and cultured in mountainous areas and in the shadow of the trees. The tree height is 30-50 cm and some have wooden members up to 3 meters high and air branches and leave alternate with tiny white flowers sharp like flowers and small fruit-n-bean–dark skin color and knuckle with numerous seeds. There are several types of cardamom: cardamom, white and black cardamom Elettaria cardamom and official. That the nature of all n are hot and dry and kind of spicy and aromatic green Ann and the other of the two types is more desirable. Cardamom seed Bowie has a strong taste of the brain and the skin for treatment and making aromatic foods and cooking pastries.

Cardamom properties
Cardamom is a hypnotic and joy so for people who suffer from depression, sad, are useful.

Pushes the energy in the body and increases vitality and happiness of individuals too much in this world, the cardamom taking thick, noise and anxiety, can deal with the problems.

Pushes a miracle seed


Chewing cardamom seeds after meals also help digestion and better food digestion, can be unpleasant mouth odor (like the smell of garlic and onions) is also neutral.

It’s brewed hot drink to relieve bloating, colitis, dyspepsia, wind, nausea and lethargy and preventing too much stomach acid secretion.
Push open the ducts within the liver and cause the spleen can also be located near the stomach and spleen where soda phlegm in the body.

Sucking pushes at the mouth of relieving bad breath and the smell of garlic.

Push the digestive system, the liver, and the heart.

Carminative and gastric and intestinal gas from outside the body.

Treatment for vomiting and nausea also recommended some cardamom brewed.

Green cardamom is juicy cause skin a few cardamom seeds are boiled in water and the water is smooth with a spoon and mixes sweet almond oil for massage.

The value of an aromatic tea for it to add up during pregnancy and lactation is not permitted.
The preparation of a pharmaceutical brewed with cardamom:
For the preparation of aromatic and herbal brewed a calming and pleasing taste, cardamom seeds along with 4 x 4 x 4 x-seed grain black pepper, clove, cinnamon and a few pieces of a thin ring of mashed fresh ginger at 600 ml of water


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