Proper nutrition for a healthy heart



Today, more than ever, people are full of calories consumed foods and physical mobility, on the other hand, they are also less than in the past, so it is one of the most important interventions for the purpose of prevention and control of cardiovascular disease, diet modification.


The effective factors in the incidence of heart disease
Effective factors on the incidence of cardiovascular disease involve disturbances in blood fat and high blood cholesterol levels, low working, high blood pressure, poor diet, stress and mental and emotional pressures, obesity and smoking.

Proper nutrition for a healthy heart


Nutritional advice is effective in the prevention and control of cardiovascular disease risk factors include:
-Balance and variety in the daily meal plan: balance means taking adequate amounts of food needed to keep the body’s health and diversity means taking a different types of food that the five main food groups, namely the Group of bread and cereals, milk and dairy products, meat, eggs, beans and nuts, fruits and vegetables are introduced.


-Reducing the consumption of fats and oils in the diet program: try foods as much as possible to be boiled, grilled or steamed and consumed too much frying food. Also, the intake of fried foods, sausages, salami, cream, chips, puffed corn, leguminous, brain, heart and kidney, head and boxer in your diet program and reduce the visible fat and skin from chicken meat and poultry before and cook low-fat meat parts of using.


As well as low-fat meats such as chicken and fish instead of red meat and fish at least twice a week. Because the fat found in fish from the type of fat is useful. Now, instead of frying fish, steamed it forms or scalloped.



-Pay attention to the kind of consumer oil: liquid oils such as olive oil and sunflower oil instead of vegetable oil and animal fats solid, to prevent an increase in blood cholesterol. Avoid fried foods, consumption of and, if necessary, of the oil for frying. Because of solid hydrogenated oil, contain saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids is that the risk of cardiovascular disease increases.


On the other hand the consumption of olive oil and nuts because the control of energy intake, must be balanced. So a typical liquid oils (non-fried) and olive oil in the frying of foods (because of the sensitivity of these oils to high heat).



-Reduce sugar consumption: the consumption of too much sugar and starchy materials such as rice, pasta, pastries, cakes, chocolate, jams, honey and soft drinks, cause weight gain, high blood pressure, and blood fats going and lead to the occurrence of cardiovascular disease. So should the daily meal plan from taking over their size.



-Reduce the intake of salt: the salt intake should be to prepare and cook food and reduced (PBUH) during meals and do not use the table head. As well as the consumption of canned foods and a lot of ready packed food, due to having large amounts of salt and salty foods, such as excessive consumption of smoked fish, salted nuts, chips, snack, salty, a variety of sausages and fresh herbs do not like garlic, fresh orange juice, lemon, thyme, dill and … To improve the taste of food and reduce the intake of salt.


-Increase the intake of fiber: fiber connections that are in the cell wall of plants like vegetables, fruits, Bran, whole grains, legumes, and nuts. The consumption of fiber and the risk of cardiovascular disease to reduce as well as prevention of constipation.


-Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables in the daily diet: fruits and vegetables in the prevention of diseases such as cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer, especially cancer of the digestive system and constipation are. Therefore, it is recommended that three to five daily fruit and vegetable unit in your meal plan.

Proper nutrition for a healthy heart

Strategies for having a healthy heart?
According to the Ministry of health, nutrition improvement Office announced to have a healthy heart firstly, physical activity, regular exercise, commensurate with age and don’t forget your physical conditions and minimum daily 30-minute walk. Secondly, stress and mental pressures are one of the causes of heart disease, so proper control and methods of dealing with stress.



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