Plant to eliminate body odor



A dermatologist with reference to the start of the season of warmth and increased transpiration of the body said the morning is the best time for the use of the materials is sweating and freshener.


Plant to eliminate body odor

Dr. Zahra hallaji, Tehran University of medical faculty member in an interview with Washington Post health reporter – Tehran medical area regarding use of the material in summer mints stated: the best time to use the material body for the morning after freshener bathing well because these materials can be banned glands and ducts reduces perspiration the body completely update. the use of these materials for people who smell of sweat is a problem they did not create.


This dermatologist continued to spray air freshener for mom or should be used on healthy skin and if at the point of body wounds or scratches well should not be used in these points.


Member of the academic staff of the Faculty of medical sciences, Tehran, said the use of the materials for the kids don’t freshener is not recommended because the sweating glands in children is closed and do not sweat at all children’s for the same reason the use of spray air freshener for mom and the kids come.


Pointing to the medicinal properties of plants, “said Hana» for the sake of being astringent properties because the sweat glands and skin fat reduces perspiration-proof property and individuals can reduce the body odor of it.


Plant to eliminate body odor

Hallaji noted at the end of a process to regulate body temperature: sweating. When this replication environment for bacteria, sweat, creating a stench and unpleasant. The best way to fight body odor prevention of its occurrence, and for many people the correct observance of the hygiene, namely thumbs and stand finished body and the use of the materials for anti-sweating, can suffice.

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