Persian cat

Persian cats are one of the most ancient and the most popular breeds of cat. These cats are about 16 centuries to Europe arrived today as offer kept the pet.

Persian cat Persian Cat in the world with the name (or equivalent in other languages). This name refers to the historical name of Iran in foreign languages (Persia and the like). Also in the UK this long hair or long hair Persian cat is called.

Pictures of Persian cats in many scientific and historical videos, books, paintings, photos can be seen. In the United States, Persian cats, the most popular type of cat lovers for keeping cats. Even with an abundance of stamps in this Persian cat picture to print, as well as in Russia, Hungary, Azerbaijan, the Czech Republic, the Republic of the Congo. The logo of the diamond Museum in Amsterdam is a white Persian cat is the Crown of diamonds on the head.

Persian cat
Persian cat



There is no wild cat hair height and so special, it’s a genetic mutation common in the domesticated cat that is influenced by the cold climate of Iran in the next generations has been stable. In the past, thought this cat from the wild African cat breed, but this theory is nowadays rejected. Of course, the current appearance of this cat breed is the result of hundreds of years consigned Europeans. In fact, the current generation of these cats is much more beautiful than the last generation.

A Persian noble filled the back of my hair. Has short legs and a large head with thick ears and eyes are apart and away from each other and a small mouth. Their eyes are very sensitive.

The life of this cat is about 10 years, but in good condition up to 19 years. Blue eyes or orange color or two colors is completely white cats with blue eyes the possibility of deafness is more them there.
History of Persian history, in fact, all long hair breeds, because almost all that can be said with certainty any long hair of Persian breeds have emerged. Of course, Balinese race (long hair Siamese) and races of Somalia (long hair Abyssinian) two exception to this claim. Thought to be a mutation of the races long hair breeds there are independent.

That’s when the first Persian cats have been found, and where it is not clear. However, fame and glory they are generally out of Iran (Persia). Long hair cats from about 16 centuries AD and even earlier have been seen and this has been the first time the cats of this type on the way to Europe. There are no wild breeds of cats that do not have long hair, so it should admit that this feature of a mutation in the short hair cats that might have been created in Egypt. A colder winter weather survival phenotype of Iran resulting from such a possible ejection.

The time has come to the cat’s great interest among lovers of cats to keep them. This interest was that this cat more value than your short hair to relatives.


Deemed to be domestic cats Felis Catus, the scientific name of cat Felis Chaus forest or African wild cat, Felis Lybica was taken.

The original modern-day Persian cat, hair length, color and Anatomy of the similarities is less than its first fellows. This phenomenon is the outcome of many years of efforts of the successive stuck in a pair of the selected drawing these creatures. Long hair cats from Iran to Europe, especially France, where most people’s attention, were slaves.

French Don de Buffon Comet natural Historie Naturelle in his book of the year 1756 ad. He’s in his book, the text by an Italian called Pietro Della Bella traveler posted, pointed out. This long hair cats, j. that day described the tip has stressed that they are of an area in the North of Iran in the name of Khorasan. He said they are a race with long hair, soft and silk-like, especially in the tail. He’s also a gray color to them who has described in section head, a little darker. Other features of these cats, being domesticated. Buffon has mentioned that apart from the color, this is the same exact race, which race in France is known as Angora.

Angora breed of ancient times has been that the race in the more famous white color, but in reality they have a variety of colors. However, the sight of them white French and European nobles were kept, the more popularity. Turkish Angora breeds native to the country. Well-known French dude that diplomats in the year ad 1642 of the world, the Super lovers of cats. Amazing that he can just at a time when the Church’s greatest enemies of the environment that the cats and to command them, the cat from the top of the towers tossed down, burn and different way cruelty with their behavior. The owner of a Richelieu Chat Angora to Lucifer black bread. It seems that the more times it has been the subject of who owns the cat. In fact, the status of the owner of the cat determines the issue was whether the cat has a clean, or spiritual companion and the naughty step.

This is a cute and lovely cats often are lazy and like cats that could sit down somewhere and kill long. They are very tame and gentle, and as noted are lazy.

Persian cat
Persian cat

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