Perfect hair care

1-silicon with thin hair thickener.

Thin hair and low life of one of the most common causes of skin and hair specialists to visit and always bothering people. But the issue is that the ladies a little info regarding the ways and means of strengthening the hair.


A strong software just increases the flexibility of the hair. So it is better the conditioner contains silicon, such as dimeticon and saikelometicon.


This conditioner hair cords, with a thin membrane of the lung and cause separation of hair cords. So Bushiness to our hair that doesn’t seem to be too greasy. Silicone products even after washing and stand complete with water also will remain on the surface of the hair.


  1. for having healthy hair, oily fish and make sure to eat brains relative.

These foods contain compounds that are having the most beautiful hair. So with fish, especially salmon and nuts like more like nuts. The protein contained in them as well as the high content of Omega-3 fats in them to preserve the health of the scalp can help separate.

For the treatment of dandruff treatment shampoo, use the physician they can be ordered from the pharmacy preparation, the best solution is to

Green leafy vegetables, beans and legumes as well as carrots from other food suitable for the health of your hair.

Apart from slimming diets are hard to avoid. This diet with a reduced intake of nutrients, causing hair loss because the hairs are the first place to feel a shortage of nutrients.


3 with lukewarm water to protect your hair from the brilliance.

It is necessary to know the hot water by removing the natural oils present on the surface of the hair,¬† loss of hair radiance. So wash the head with very warm water and the frequent visit to easily cause loss of hair’s natural brilliance.

But we mean that you have to have a cold water bath and or shower too late to late. But our advice is that of warm water for washing the hair in the shower, and don’t forget to wash your scalp calm.


Research achievements of high school 1, booth refinements

4-mokhorh protein with a treat.

If you are of those people that are always hot and electrical appliances like hair iron, Bibles and any other device you use for your hair, or those people who frequent your hair color or the oven, you should know which are the destruction of and damage to the outer layer of your hair and cover.


The end result of this damage being the end of the hair and also a few branches or the same as “Hair leprosy”. But nowadays a lot of cosmetics products are that it protects hair damage, especially the conditioner contains protein.


It is necessary the participants a few minutes at the end of the hair. But do not forget the impact of this softener only until the next hair in the bathroom. So to achieve the effects they need to consume them frequently.


5-hair Red hair, hair thickener.

Sparse hair thickener and for being a very strong relationship with the genetics of individuals. But how to treat the hair also has a great importance, for example, people who have red hair, usually the hair thickener. While people who have blonde hair, haircuts are usually thinner.


But how effective in drying the hair volume; for example, if you use a dry device like hair dryer, it is advisable to dry the hair tip first. Very warm air from the hair dryer to dry the hair and do not use when the hair is dry, half of the mode to turn off the hairdryer.


6-dandruff with oils do not get worse.

Dandruff, even with tiny shells played on the shoulder, not the head of any dry skin marks. But here’s a small disturbance in the foot of the scalp in between. At this time the use of oils to calm the scalp, it will only make it worse.


For the treatment of dandruff treatment shampoo, use the physician they can be ordered from the pharmacy preparation, is the best solution. For this purpose, this shampoo for 5 minutes on your massage head. Note that after 5 minutes, rinse the shampoo from the scalp.


Hair dryer and hair

  1. of the strong dryers waiver.

You may prefer instead to spend time drying the hair, they will dry in minutes. But it is necessary to choose them as carefully.


For this purpose, it is recommended to lower the speed and intensity of use of the device. It is noteworthy to know that the speed of the device and the heat has no effect on the speed of drying the hair.


  1. to reduce hair loss, lower comb wash.

The letter says the number of warp my hair that flows over every day and always believe one hundred is not hair. It is true that constantly and every day the number of our hair is blurry, but the number and severity of it we ourselves set, for example, the shoulder and especially the use of the brush is one of the things is very effective in increasing the severity of hair loss.


When we talk about¬† the hair, a portion of the hair loss is normal. It is true it normally can be said every individual in the best conditions skin and hair health daily 50 to 100 tar your hair loses. But for having natural hair loss of the reeds that are soft and rounded tip and don’t forget your comb wet hair will never leave.


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