People who should not drink tea





Bile bowel movements of people are better than eating hot drinks especially avoid tea because the bile they balance on time.


People who should not drink tea

Hamid said in an interview with Fars afrasiabi said traditional medicine is a group of people with bowel movements are dry and cold. These people are cold and disseminate recommended that veal, fish, lentils, cucumbers, lettuce, banana and Kiwi eat less.

He added: but the lamb meat, candy, mint, sesame oil, vegetables, nuts and cinnamon tea for them is useful.

This traditional medicine expert said in front of the people that are into copyright hot warmly recommended that they abstain from drinking hot tea

Afrasiabi said taking very hot drinks like tea, coffee and engage them gall even in the event of mental States affected them and put more people in anger.


People who should not drink tea


He continued to shake hands and nerve discomfort it is recommended that the tea drinks very little.

This traditional medicine expert said night enuresis in children due to warmth and coldness occurs and plentiful thirst before sleeping or are experiencing bowel movements and bile are best don’t drink tea.

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