Palace “Versailles” Paris



Palace “Versailles” Paris:

Palace “Versailles” in France, the world famous palace built by Louis XIV in 1624. When the palace was built, Versailles was a small village, but is now a very wealthy suburb 20 kilometers from Paris.

کاخ های بزرگ جهان,کاخ ورسای,مکانهای تاریخی جهان

Palace “Versailles” in France, is the world famous Palace

Popularity of this House to the extent that perhaps because of the throng of visitors, it should perhaps do not enjoy their visit, so it is better to attend the House, with the help of information and guidance that on the palace museum is, stay away from busy days. Note that a visit to the Palace of Versailles for some people, such as students, teachers, university professors and people under 18 years of age and persons under 26 years of living in Europe Union countries, schoolchildren, teachers in French-language schools as well as people with physical disabilities and their companions , It’s free.

کاخ های بزرگ جهان,مکانهای تاریخی جهان,کاخ ورسای

Inside the Palace of Versailles in France

The use of wheelchairs or baby strollers and other metal objects is prohibited in the rooms of the palace. Palace of Versailles for the vehicle without the use of electric vehicles and electric buses provided that they commute between the various palaces. It is also possible to eat, drink and buy souvenirs in different parts of the palace, from books to a variety of jewelry and crafts, in person or online is possible. Use the camera to bring pets in the rooms of the palace are strictly prohibited.

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