Osaka travel guide

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Osaka travel guide


Osaka travel guide


Osaka or Osaka, known as the nation’s historical urban kitchen, has a past with the guys that it‘s painstaking reconstruction of the Kansai region, in the Centre, on the island of honesho, in the country of Japan. Osaka, a city full of diversity, traditional culture and modernity are combined from the people of this city, has several shrines,leisure centres, museums and shopping centers. A city populated with low distancefrom Tokyo but a more modern urban Tokyo, not cheap, not expensive with food are very popular. Suggested plan your trip to the city of arrange now.


The gourmet taste of Japan, a Japanese native foods
Official language: Japanese
Currency: Japanese yen
With the time difference: + 5:30
Banking hours: Monday to Friday from 9 to 15
Driving directions: left
Country code: + 81
Osaka code: 06
Emergency vehicles and number: 119
Police: 110
Tourist Office: + 81663053311
Theatre of Osaka
Water and air
Our proposed chapters for travel to the city, the spring and autumn and winter dress warm jacket. when accompanied by a note; summer is also expected, according to the air is hot and rainy.
How to make your hotel reservations?
Apart from the golden week in which it is held, the Festival of the dead is a holiday,the rest of the peak months of the year the price of hotels in usual. The average cost to rent a shared room night between 1600 to 2700 yen, but the price of other hotels, is as follows:
1 Star: 2000 up to 10000 Yen
2 stars: 2000 up to 12000 yen
3 star: 3,000 up to 13000 Yen
4 stars: 7000 up to 26000 Yen
5 star: 15000 up to 32000 Yen
Blossom Osaka
The city is full of cheap restaurants, you can start with your breakfast to noodles (تا۸۰۰ 400 Yen). The promise of lunch between 500 to 900 yen for you to walk in the streets just hits the water, and from the street vendors to buy your dinner as well as a first option. for you sushi! And if you don’t have interest in other foods with 800-1500 Japanese Yen you can get.
If you prefer your cooking تانید Western cuisine required materials for a week with about 11140 yen and East Asian cuisines with 8020 yen. the list such as fresh bread, white rice, red cow meat, eggs, chicken breast, cheese, apples, bananas, tomatoes, oranges, potatoes, onions and … The test.
Cuisine of Osaka
Shipping cost:
Subway tickets 200 to 300 yen, 250 Yen 120 up train tickets and tickets to a one-day unlimited during a day and night along with discount from general use vehicles 800 Japanese Yen 300 yen for adults and for children.
Economic advice
To save the currency spent most of the free attractions to visit tourism, such as museums, parks, historic neighborhoods, shrines and. ..
Of the same or a dollar store 100 ینی purchase, stores with a variety of different names in there city. and you can link the address to seek accurate hotel reception.
You can also rent ینی 2700 1600 cost to shared rooms in Osaka also ajtenb. just communicate with the local people, and they spent the night side, and they are more familiar with the culture and history.
Osaka, is full of historical and tourist attractions, but if the Osaka Castle in the city, once againmake sure your travel across an extended green area space. 15 acres at the disposal of the tourists is located their Castle has 8 floors and  not the past works include the Castle as a refuge and Armory, use.
“Garden” with the same garden on Fluting “hovering” is one of the most evocative attractions of Osaka is due to the unique structure of the fredsh and the moving stairs are inside the glass and we suspended between two towers, for most tourists, the stunning and heartbreaking astonishment. Ironically, Tower at the highest floor you can use the municipal WiFi.
Aquarium attractions
Paul Ebisu where your entire day shopping fun. A place for nightlife along with Japanese people and sightseeing in the city.
National Theatre بونراکو“, is where the heritage and historical shfarhng Osaka can live in it. This is a personal story to tell for puppet theater and puppets are also involved the story along with the soundtrack Percussion drums.
Yukon کایی Osaka, one of the world’s largest aquarium is located near Osaka Bay and you can be in a tunnel-like hallway all sorts of sea creatures and see step under this blue world.

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