We went back Mvndnd or elsewhere? I wish this Nmyvmdym side. Come back the same way, but … this tree did not come up! This way? I think we lost …

Getting lost would experience in the wild. But the situation is as dangerous, GPS or compass is not mobile. Too far from roads or settlements, you do not have enough water and air in the dark.

Of course, do not worry. Orientation training methods that we continue to carefully keep in mind to find the way home, and in old age, like a hero, the exciting memories for your grandchildren you define.

To navigation
Navigation means for detecting a geographical direction. Knowing that your destination, the closest village on which side of the road or, just got to want to find a situation where you are.

To survive in the wild should be familiar with the laws and codes and to survive in the harsh conditions of their use.

The more ways in which we just mentioned, none of today’s advanced precision compass or GPS, but then they try to keep up.

But first of all, familiar with the geographical aspects are important to us.

If the north (North) stand, we left the East (East, West, East) well and left us Maghreb (West, East, West).

Tandem south (South) is. These are the four cardinal directions.

Between both directions, one direction is minor. For example, to bisect the main North-East, North-East to be.

آموزش کار با قطب نما,قطب نما

Navigating with a compass in nature

Make a simple compass
A needle with a knife by induction or scrub with a cotton cloth (be careful in one direction) has not magnetic. Water container and put it in the pit of stagnant water.

The needle extends north-south began to spin. Although the method is not practical to test it under normal circumstances can be of interest to you.

آموزش کار با قطب نما,قطب نما

Navigation in nature

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