Obesity and its risks

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According to health news, obesity and weight gain can cause low back pain with a variety of mechanisms. The most important of them are:
ـ with weight gain too much fat accumulation in the abdomen to find. Big belly causes pelvic and lower back gets a greater turn towards Chloe. This increase the concavity in the lumbar vertebral column by virtue of getting too much pressure to the intervertebral discs and joints between the vertebrae.


Obesity and its risks


The lower area of the back of the vertebral column namely ـ most impacts are manufactured from weight gain. Much weight can cause the pressure in the trunk this place over-much to the vertebrae. This pressure gradually causes the deterioration of the disks between the vertebrae in the crash and damage. low disk causes wrinkles and reduces the height of the disc and as a result, the vertebrae are closer together. Near the vertebrae together, thereby increasing the pressure on the joints between the vertebrae. This facet Facet joints is called. Too much pressure to the facet joint arthritis and gradually cause wear on them and that their result is a pain.

Intervertebral disc fails ـ field to increase the probability of the occurrence of a herniated disc intervertebral boosted.
In obese individuals due to the great pressure that the marbles suffered inflammation of the surrounding tissue gets compiled. One of the body’s reactions to the inflammation of the bone and tissue production anhydrosis is added. This extra tissue around the spinal cord can reduce spinal canal space and result in a narrowing of the spinal canal disease cause.


Obesity and its risks


In obese people, the probability of the occurrence of the glide gets more vertebrae.
ـ obese individuals have less physical activity. This can cause muscle weakness, low working gradually, the vertebral column and the abdomen. The most important causes of the weakening of the muscles in the low back pain incidence.


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