New masks for removing facial pimples


Joe & avocado face mask
For people who are prone to stress caused by the arc, climate change along with the emotions related to the holidays can cause the destruction of the skin. We would need a pink mask not only relief but also makes its skin of our soul as well. we can’t exactly what we’re looking for inside the stores we find so, we found ourselves with natural materials perfectly. Organic material, simple and without chemical additives, this face mask makes clear, maintain moisture and strengthens your skin! This face mask can be a good friend in times of stress.


New masks for removing facial pimples

Materials that you’ll need to prepare a face mask:



• A number of ripe avocado (moisturizing, skin safety against nervous)
• One-third cup of raw oats (relaxing the skin)


• 1 tbsp honey (antibacterial properties makes the eject impurities. to treat eczema are very brilliant)
• 1 tablespoon of Sage oil (rich in vitamin A, causing cellular regeneration and has relaxing properties.)
• 1 tablespoon vitamin E oil (skin enhancing open, has anti-aging properties and antioxidant.
This mask should remain on the skin for about 10 minutes.


New masks for removing facial pimples

Avocado face mask recipe and atmosphere:
All the above materials mixed together, then apply on face. This mask should remain on the skin for about 10 minutes, while you think you like the green-colored monster, we ensure that after the removal of the mask will absolutely notice the changes.


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