Never use the crayon





Use the crayon to hair shaft first and then damage the roots of the hair and if this is to be repeated use may be more injuries.

Dr. Amir Ehsani, a member of the Scientific Board of Tehran, referring to the use of women and young girls from the crayon color crayon said that with the pressure can cause hair loss and become the low-brow.


Never use the crayon


Dr. Ehsani regarding the frequency of injuries that crayon can be entered into the root hair, stated: the continued use and every day can be a very nasty injury eyebrow pencil, so that the trunk can damage hair first and then the root of the hair and if this is to be repeated use may be more injuries.

He explained: that does not cause hair loss, but crayon can also prevent hair from growing even. Member of the Scientific Board of medicine on using the thin skin of the eye line said is most parts of the eye, therefore the use of cosmetic materials can have the highest risk.



He warned about the use of eyeliner: using the prevalence of eczema eyeliner around the eyes is increased increasing eczema around the eyes is the most important factor for the occurrence of infections.

Dr. Ehsani on HSV referred this eczema said: women may be a cheap cosmetic materials price, usually the cheap price and with compounds are used. He went on: by the use of high-quality materials that do not have cosmetic risks high in anti-inflammatory and can be carriers of infection.


Never use the crayon


Dr. Ehsani finally stated: cosmetic ingredients already, skin problem, sensitivity, inflammation, itching, severe eye and other infections has.

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