The first monkey that was launched in 1949 by the United States on missile called the V 2-h 134 km from the Earth’s surface. This monkey is back on track because the parachute not open.

So far, five State of the United States, the Soviet Union, France, Argentina, and Iran have launched the monkey

Essentially, in the case of the purchase of animals other than dogs and cats as a pet or “Pat” should be a little more neutral. In this case, the well-kept home maintenance is not suitable for some reason:
1-no nasty smells very monkeys, the whereabouts of which should have proper ventilation and, of course, along with maintaining the temperature.
2-they are very firmly down. No means anything to play!. Natural environment to create the life of your energy on them that their consumption is very hard or impossible for the same thing so wrong.
3-monkeys cannot survive long inside a small cage because they are clever and the need to respect and maintain the two monkeys together is also quite an abundance of problems.
4. some types of monkeys are always biting habit.
5-monkeys can learn the location of disposal, but the location of the disposal must be cleaned and washed after the disposal has nothing and you can’t smell it like a dog to stave off 2-3 times a day out. Some types of monkeys, and loose stools when passing play and Ann wall and everything is dirty.
6-the vet specializing in Iran and there is no available or very low.
7. between monkeys and humans joint disease, other than Pat are high that can be lethal and non-control and prevention.
8. many of the monkeys are an endangered species and the maintenance of it in a lot of countries is prohibited.
9. There is someone less than that during the long life of the monkey nursing and care it unto itself, and with the hands to become a strong emotional impact on the animal.



The monkey among other symbols, strange and unusual landscape. He’s wicked, naughty, mischievous creature, impudent wit, and always being a ridiculous game; but his indirect humor along with the deception.
The monkey is a social creature might appear, with all the good relationship; it must be said that the creation of this relationship is also part of her gimmick is considered. In fact, your friendly creature.
Playful monkeys and people are significant, and if his negative comments about others, hidden behind the apparent affection; kind to appear. In fact, he has no soul does not accept your superior and all, and this shows that the inventory is presumptuous. Aside from these that he is interested in the abundance of clear thinking to know. She likes to see and read everything, everything to explain good and always be aware of the latest news in the world.
Monkey with literacy and with culture and a strong memory. He can, if necessary, even the smallest detail things that read, seen or heard for the sake of. This feature helps him very much, because the monkey is mentally disturbed and hence, to a large extent dependent on the memories of their own.
The monkey is the innovative and creative with your creativity can be the hardest to resolve issues of amazing advances fast. But whenever decided to do business, he shall promptly start otherwise lose their interest.
Hence his ability and intelligence of the monkey in the deception of others is amazing. He can be a formidable Dragon with the dominant hand, with that wisdom and intelligence, fooling everyone. He even against the gravity of Tiger resistance.




The monkey that is sly, as a politician as well and could find themselves in the worst position of any protected and releasing a new ADO. She is selfish and overconfident and not allow her to impose anything. She is always the right choice.
He is ready for all goals and to advance further to each task. Of lying, hypocrisy, and the trick is not scared and cargo if necessary following the foot of your character as well. He knows, Salah until this continues; he rarely got angry and gets into the trap.
Some of the monkeys even act to break the low lying or it can not.
Anyway, each time as he should work, it still is and it’s so enchanting to one that makes this one of the practitioner.
Existing opportunism and monkey should be also lucky because he is a sweet heart and had a lot of opportunities. Despite the negative aspects of his monkey-like lying, cunning, proud and pride, dignity, conscience and ignoring for the sake of everyone’s brimming with intelligence about friendly.
The monkey from a certain skill, cunning at his trade, in every thing that you do not need to make quick decisions, and have the conscience to the pain somewhat.
The monkey can be in politics, industry and trade to achieve success, and in the meantime, there is a point of wearing one of these Sciences on him. He can be in the form of studying science, in any business, be successful.
If the hand of the monkey on his favorite work done better and faster to put open can achieve fame. Fill in only if the threat of the monkey success, because with this Act, despite his innate charm and Oomph of others of your tired and dejected.
Despite the financial woes, the monkey can be a good situation of her life quite enjoy; however, lucky in love with his sweetheart.

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