Manual arts



Embroidered Navy, one of the traditional arts of sewing and embellishment works with thousands of 2500 dates back to three.

This is a beautiful traditional art and, at the beginning of the rise of all handmade and materials made of gold and silver has been but over time because of the expensive materials and the rise of costs and the price of all its artifacts were changed. In the past this sewing clothing for decoration, sumptuous curtains BlueHost, the head of the ice margin, the muff clothing, and scarfs … Was used but nowadays I use it more and spread on the stairs and decorative aspects, it added.

Manual arts
Manual arts

Dark blue (tapestry metal) of gold and silver fibers that have been twisted and bouncy prepare and be certain that it is because of glitter used to be embroidered in dark blue filigree silver and gold pieces to form a hollow rod of Achaemenid and Sassanid time has been common, and at the time of the Safavid dynasty reached its peak and is now into the fibers produced gold and silver and that’s why the Commons level used. In the past, and to dress and flag and laminated and curtains work the House of God.
Embroidered Navy today for items such as computers, for curtains, prayer, the prayer rug, the cover of the Koran and the tissue box and carpets and sewing the snare and listed it. Navy embroidered designs are usually a variety of Paisley, which is in the same fabric layout as well as cashmere used to plan other projects; the flowers, Shah Abbasi flowers etc and it is almost like the embroidery does not limit plan but implementation plan in accordance with certain procedures and practices and in accordance with the right corner margin items that can be prepared. Embroidered Navy centers in Iran, Isfahan, Yazd, Kashan, and cities.


Fabrics, cashmere, velvet, linen and nylon sewing thread in the Navy, types of sewing machines, needles with a different number, scissors, bow or a framework for device tightly to keep the cloth. Cotton, or any other filler according to the taste and talent. The SOAP role for the sewing up or any other font that is able to be on the cloth and wipe transition effects.
Work in the field of needle-type fabrics cashmere-type original or similar. Select the type of fabrics for embroidered dark blue is because of this that this fabric for dress up in Safavid and Qajar abundance has been common usage; and so are examples of decorating that is dark blue and is available at the Museum of the province are mostly flower has such a second thickness and resistance of cloth embroidered in dark blue used shall be a size that can endure the heaviness after finishing the sewing The Navy and have their wrinkles and not at the level of the case. Of course, for the same purpose, in some of which do not have much thickness cashmere fabrics with sewing the lining fabric to the back of the work of artificially created this thickness. In addition to cashmere, velvet and linen fabrics as well as field work.

First, the fabric can be put on the device and four hands were drawn and attached to the device. Such device to the new shape, a circle or arc Quad traditionally it delivers. It can be a traditional type with different sizes and types to order with Carpenter arcuate through sewing accessories and tools distributor stores. Then plan on fabric design on it via facsimile or in the form of full peers to design directly on fabric designs. For clean lines and not all needlework designs over lines with coarse tuning stabilizes.


Then the needle threads from within the Navy Cross and the lines are short and they all pass the lines thus worn with dark blue. ‘ Level by putting cotton or any other lender has outstanding size, with dark blue dominate. And to the end of the work the same for the action.

This sewing in most cases with another sewing. Sewing machines such as embroidered cocoon, filigree, stones embroidery, embroidered, embroidered ten a miniature art, seashell embroidery, embroidered, embroidered Stud stone, embroidered, embroidered with beads embroidered pearls, flakes, etc. Types of sewing machines that are mostly used in the sewing can be sewing: chain, embroidered, embroidered round leaves, colorful twist on the snake chain, satin stitching, sewing, embroidery, embroidered collars shoot diagonally, mouse different zigzag and teeth.

Manual arts
Manual arts



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