Coastal island “Sabah” in Malaysia, in terms of breadth, the second states that 2 million people and three large ethnic groups and 32 ethnic culture.

This dream island, a mixture of smooth water, soft sand and tropical rainforest. Sabah was once owned by the Sultan of Brunei and time to hire an American and an English person named Dennett income.

The island, after the Second World War and the country declared independence and joined Malaysia Tourism in Malaysia today is one of great potential and many tourists from Malaysia referred to as the Maldives.

Sabah waters of the South China Sea islands and seas of Sulu in the West and in the East is surrounded Slbz. The capital of the luxury resorts such as the Shangri-and Kota Kynbalv has been Sutra. Both resorts fantastic scenery overlooking the South China Sea and Tunku Abdul Rahman Park are.

جزیره ساحلی صباح,جزیره ی صباح,جزیره ی صباح در مالزی

Hotel Sutra dream home
Svtrakhtrbvr luxury 5-star hotel and one of the most beautiful and most relaxing accommodation on the island of Sabah. In this hotel you can all recreational facilities such as golf fields and hot springs to the mind. Massage Center Hotel is one of the world’s most massage centers.

On the night that you can stay in a hotel Sutra of live music and enjoy music with tables full of candles and flowers. The hotel is one of the tourist attractions of the seaside resort special for the bride grooms, ladies and gentleman, and for this reason is known as a honeymoon resort.

The chorus waves, birds, plants
Hotel Sutra in the sun can from the window of his residence, beautiful views of the sea and white ship moored off the coast of fun. Facing the sky and the sound of birds can be heard around is full of green tropical plants. There is a recreation center on the island of Sabah sandy beaches and calm sea that can be a variety of games such as Bnanasvary, rafting, scuba diving, jet skiing, balloon rides and more experienced in it. You can go to the beach for sand tourist boats that are moored along the beach Sutra; within a quarter to reach the desired location.

جزیره ساحلی صباح,جزیره ی صباح,جزیره ی صباح در مالزی

Police for tourists
The important thing is seen in Malaysia, the presence of police for tourists. Tourism police from 8 am to 12 pm at specific kiosks is the city traffic. Tourism police are fluent in English (in Malaysia if you know English, you can communicate with most people) and they will guide tourists to plan their day.

Despite the police, tourists feel more secure. Another cool thing is that in all of Malaysia Airports booths to provide brochures and catalogs landmarks Malaysia is in English. I suggest that you do not neglect the brochures because they find the most beautiful scenic spots in Malaysia.

A variation on halal food
After playing in the water can seafood as fresh seafood to cook at the restaurant are made of wood, use. Of course, I would recommend to eat the fried chicken and hamburgers international restaurants like to use. However, due to the fact that you have to spend halal food halal Malaysian cuisine is often not a problem, but the local cuisine and seafood in spite of its more expensive and often even shrimp, StayOnTop palm, cook due to their special tastes We are not compatible.

جزیره ساحلی صباح,جزیره ی صباح,جزیره ی صباح در مالزی

In this area, a museum and botanical garden insects high in the region, “Kvtaknyabalv” where the poisonous mushrooms and carnivorous plants are there. Kvtaknyabalv also interesting animals at the zoo monkey was seen by Khartoum. Hot springs, caves and other attractions Sabah Gvmamtvng as one of the most beautiful tropical spots is brought in.

Malaysia is a must see
At the end of the first letter of your itinerary again I repeat; “Malaysia see.” A country where tourism is believed to be the highest revenue gain and increase their share in this market.


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