Add the makeup means, in essence, is the word that means trimming is slow. Today, in general terms, both the word about the beauty of face and body are used and operational means that the person (More on the hair) seem more beautiful. In Iran makeup for women of premises used for men. Make-up often at a place called the barber or hairdresser is done by hairdressers and makeup with the same title in stores or in pharmacies sold. In Iran, the official barbers to periods of vocational corresponding period, most notably “make-up – trimming” is not passed. 


Throughout history, attire, attention was not always the case in times like these extreme adornment and for pride and attract more attention among certain classes, respectively. During the time up to the ancient Egyptians can be traced mainly to the eyes with green and black lines were painted. For example, Queen Cleopatra kohl around the eyes by dragging wanted to give it more leverage. Iranian and Arab kings and courtiers by putting ornaments in their ears and beards and kings and courtiers French and English by putting their long wigs were distinct from lower. Black people and Native American tribes in addition to the use of bright colors and vivid on the faces of their holiday in strange shapes adorned. In today’s world appearance as a principle, is compulsory for all people. It is the best makeup to cover imperfections and appropriate to the location, time, age and social status of individuals. 

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