Maintenance of domestic flower and plant

Domestic cold water plants don’t never, because of its harmful to the roots. It is better to use lukewarm water.

The leaves of the plants every week with a cloth clean lime to be able to breathe easily.

To get longer life, natural vinegar in the water a little wish.

with the use of hair spray can natural flowers are dry, so set that figure and it did not change the color mode and the fixed and unchangeable.

If you stay fresh flowers have been set should shoot in the old wet newspaper  and put in the refrigerator.

If at the bottom of the pot, a copper coin Dropping your life will be better and dissolve a tablet of aspirin in the water pot, causing greater durability of the flower pot.

Usually, after a few days, the water is foul-smelling pot if a piece of charcoal in the water to prevent it from droping pot smell bad.

With the flowers, you are compassionate and when the categories are also tight to the wrapping

because the intensity of the action, in this case, life’s short.

The flowers back to the branch and arrange flowers from the stems to Slowly and even apply special by the scissors.

If you used the fertilizer that have been preparing the birds before using them with all kinds of fungicides are disinfecting.

If your pot has a small number leave with a little candle wax.

Dry rose flowers on a Skillet of boiling water pull the arm to come back fresh.

Leaves the pot with clean milk to a sleek and beautiful.

Many of the flowers in the early wet weather of the process more like the lily white, then an English at the bottom of the pot until the water more quickly put on out.

To use the amount of water, high water caused the rot of roots of the plants.

Plants for moisture increasing until Keep Group makes With refreshing.

Hair color font for the cleaning of the plants may be downy.

Note the flowers should not be on the side of the fruit, because the fruit to ethylene gas metan gas and this makes the rapid evolution of flowers and wither sooner than that. Flowers wither also produced such a gas so it is requested from the flowers apart.


Your if room hot water pot with some ice every morning when you want some juicy flower in this case.


Narcissus flower metan the gas that makes the flowers wither, then Amaryllis vase with other flowers in don’t put.

Other significant conditions in the maintenance of perennial flowers


Shoot the flowers should be in sufficient amount of water required.


Shoot the flowers will never be completely not CAL and all of its leaves do not separate.


Some of the flowers are blue than to even for a short interval is also very sensitive.


First, shoot the flowers diagonally with an angle of 45 degrees and then put them in the pot of water.


Near the flower pot, please refrain from smoking because it causes smoke emits ethylene gas and sagging getting flowers.


Flower pot in a place with too much moisture do not put.


A large vase of flowers should fit a big bouquet of flowers so that is not compressed.


The pot after uses with a natural antiseptic disinfectant.


Flowers in a pot with enough water and put the necessary 15 cm of water daily in the pot is typically sufficient.


If the flowers are faded or have bought or received when the icy arrive, wanting the size of 5 cm short shoot them and get them for three hours in the wet newspaper amidst a cool place to put up your water absorption.

Superstitions about maintenance of flowers!

Put copper coins in the water the pot!

Pouring liquor on the water the pot!

Pour the salt water into the pot!

Break the stems of flowers

Create gaps in the stems of flowers!

Squish stems!

Cook stems!

Install stems in boiling water!

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