lazamid rest? Travel to these cities.



lazamid rest? Travel to these cities.


The human soul is like the object he needs to get nutrition, nutrition that can after a period of lethargy and impatience again shadobsh, and certainly there is nothing better than a good travel cannot bring out the feeling! Do you think you’ll need to travel and looking for a place away from your home to relaxation and being full of energy?


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rishkesh India, yoga capital of the world
This is a quiet place and single in the world is located in the Himalayan foothills and some of the most respected Indian Yogi in which they live. A lot of people, the rishkesh Yoga capital of the world and it is interesting to know the famous music group the Beatles in this town, learn yoga. Delhi is not far at all from the town of rishkesh and just a six-hour with the car as it is way apart from this, the cold water of the RiverGanges and the green mountains, long hidden in the rishkesh to a higher place to soothe the spirit have become.
Vancouver Canada, a part of nature
Vancouver with a wonderful climate, numerous beaches and a certain lifestyle and successful business that it is, one of the cities of Toronto, on the side of good. The attractive scenery of the spectacular and the silence of the Mountain Park Stanely each opportunity in Vancouver, there is no need to leave the city without being, as onewith nature. On a trip to the city, be sure to visit the Aquarium of it so you can have a number of marine mammals that have remained safe from the risk of destruction.
Vancouver | Travel


Koh lanta Thailand, unknown coastal area
Koh lanta, is somewhere near and far to some of the most tourist regions of this country but of all the bustle and chaos, about away. The coast of this region devoid oftourists and is a wonderful forest path parallel to the beach, there are spectacular falls to a termination, and these are just a few of the beauty of Koh lanta is one of the best places to visit for relaxation. After spending a great day under the sun light pleasant, towards one of its restaurants to go and hear the sound of the waves of the sea next to the live music, the new ruhtan.
Modish highlight lanta | Travel
Incredible sunset Jamaica
This small fishing town during the long cliffs of Jamaica, one of the best places in the world to watch a sunset is astounding. If you have a spirit of adventure is a propose to the Ricks bar that one of the known points on the cliff of the jump is to go. If you can condition to mountain side drive the Blue Mountains and incredible people like to relax that area.
Palawan Philippines, mysterious paradise
The beautiful island of Palawan, inspiring one of the most famous movies in historyhas been a mysterious paradise is still one of the most pristine of the island the world because access to the island is possible only for people to swim in blue belowto enter the caves of the island are of interest. Infact Palawan as the best island in the world and has been introduced in this story, with the title (select the island of Palawan as the best island in the world) has written that I can study.

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