Key points for trips to the mountains


Key points for trips to the mountains

Accessories trip to the mountains
Preparing the materials and equipment needed to travel, but a day or two before moving always and in every journey is essential, but not according to specification Mountain Perhaps some of these parts together review.

Always add a change of clothes with you. Climate change may need to use it. Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, gloves and extra socks are also other important things that should not be forgotten in such a trip.

It is good for orientation as with us, of course, to the condition that both of them know or learn, because we need them in the mountains likely. Or someone who has good experience and we do it carefully or learn navigation techniques. First aid bag with you too. Mountain to treat cuts, bites and any damage to the parts you need. Having swans lights that can turn around very useful and sometimes indispensable. In addition to appropriate clothing, do not forget to wear suitable footwear. In this case, you can ask for advice from a professional and appropriate footwear to choose from.

Power Mountain
To be able to use the high mountain slope to have enough energy to go and we need to go back, so do not forget proper nutrition.

Having enough water and food such as dried figs do not forget the compact and tonic. It is also in the mountains when you eat more food at low volume and frequency.

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