اخباراقتصادی,خبرهای اقتصادی ,خودروی اسپرت مفهومی برقی جگوار

Luxury carmaker Jaguar Land Rover till 2018 the English company plans to market an electric sports car concept version and now it is on display.

According to ISNA, quoted by the Wall Street Journal, the company said Monday on the eve of the Los Angeles Motor Show concept car unveiled Ayyvvy Sports I-Pace that is fully electric.

 اخباراقتصادی,خبرهای اقتصادی ,خودروی اسپرت مفهومی برقی جگوار

IP-Pace will be the first of several such car brand Tata Motors will offer Hindi English company.

Other luxury automakers are also trying to build such vehicles. For example, the 2018 Audi plans to market an electric sport utility vehicle. 2019 Mercedes-Benz electric car to the market average will Ayyvvy and BMW X3 sport utility vehicle also seeks to provide a vehicle equipped with battery in 2020.

 اخباراقتصادی,خبرهای اقتصادی ,خودروی اسپرت مفهومی برقی جگوار

After giving Jaguar car Tesla Model X concept car unveiled last year. Elon Musk, Tesla’s owner announced that his company plans to produce electric vehicles by 2018 to reach 500 thousand cars.

The number of models of electric car available in America by 2020 had tripled to reach 19. Recent International Auto Show in Los Angeles, which will open this Friday, will see several new electric car. For example, General Motors is expected in the coming weeks to offer customers an all-electric car Chevy Bolt. Fiat Chrysler PACIFICA a hybrid version of the minivan will next year.

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