Turkey has historically been the center of various religions. A spectacular Turkish mosques, churches and historical Knysahay that remains of the old days and a lot of tourists every year to visit with a tour of Turkey to the country they travel.
Turkey is one country that has a long history of different civilizations 2,500 years ago remain in the area. Now all these historical remnants are well cared for and many tourists each year visit historic sites throughout Turkey.

آژانس مهر پرواز,استانبول,مکان های دیدنی استانبول

From rock climbing to surfing and a variety of water sports and games with Aqua Park and the town, tourists in Turkey to provide words it can be said for all tastes in entertainment that is considered Turkey’s

Turkey is one of the famous kitchen kitchens throughout the world. Varied and delicious foods that fit every taste and taste is popular with tourists is placed.

Turkish street food is delicious and cheap and readily available throughout the city as tourists. If you travel with a tour of Istanbul to the city on Independence Avenue can stroll and enjoy Turkish cuisine test.
Weather in attracting tourists to Turkey is very important. Turkey has 4 chapters and tourists interested in skiing are winter and summer tourists interested in water, sand and sea, Turkey enjoy.
Shopping for a group of tourists is very important. There are shopping centers in Istanbul, shopping malls and other cities in Turkey in Astabbvl become the primary destination for lovers of shopping has made. As well as famous brands left and right rates and quality as well as many tourists each year from around the world to absorb Turkey.


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