Iranian instrument called piano



The piano is one of the most famous and keyboard instruments. The sound of the piano in effect dealing a hammer with the wires. The hammers are in effect getting pressed keys to move. Piano wire to a page called “sound” page have been connected to the role of the voice amplifier.

Piano makers and as a mother, also known as a complete instrument; the cause than giving this title to the instrument that it is a very wide range of the piano is capable of producing sounds while the other traditional music instruments are only part of the range of the sound they produce. Piano in his current form over seven octave and is able to generate frequencies from about 20 Hz to 5000, while the violin maker comparable only to be able to produce less than four octave and the best singers are only able to read less than three-octave voice.

Iranian instrument called piano
Iranian instrument called piano

Mr. Bartolomeo piano invented in 1709 establishments. Before the invention of the piano from an older building called the “harpsichord” (Harpsichord). The major difference and similar instruments with an important piano before she herself was that it was in the previous similar instruments, the intensity of the sound from a compact key, independent of the severity of the hit enter on the keyboard of the piano, was a constant value, but in the piano player was able to hit the keys with gentle sounding softer, or by blows with firmer coarse-sounding piano. This feature makes the piano that was quickly noticed by the composers of the eighteenth-century ad

The full name of the maker of the piano, pianoforte (Pianoforte), two parts of the piano and forte means strong and well reflected the Organizer is the ability of the instrument in the production of the following sounds and BAM.

The big dimensions of the early piano, and a certain shape. What’s the term grand piano it is often said to be more than two metres long and rated at magnitude is to become a better piano sound, usually when playing this instrument in a half-open State based on a small fixed by? Other types of the piano with stand piano or names (or Stand Upright)-piano (Square) and so on have smaller dimensions and for household expenses or in public places have been designed.


The piano hammers it into a set of piano keys to delicate levers are connected. To leverage this gathered and hammer Action, the operator or the piano. The task of this total increase acceleration at the hammer hitting the wires, and the return of its reaction control after the collision to wire. Usually, the head of the hammer by a layer of felt or similar natural or synthetic fibres can be covered up piano voice quality enhancing. Piano voice quality is influenced by other factors such as the quality of the sound and the dashboard etc.
7 white keys on the piano sheet for each two-7 d can FA Sol la SI. In addition, the white color is black keys between some white keys there. Between the white keys and white keys between the FA and the thirty-two black key does not exist.

Any key in the piano black in net for sharp NET corresponds to white key left it (i.e. it’s the black keys on the right side where the white keys) and in net bmole for the net related to white key to the right of it (i.e. it’s the black keys on the left side it has a white key).

How to play the piano:

Located on the piano keys in hand two fingers playing it important. Usually, the songs are number first notes starting in the finger playing it tracks. In this case, the number-one for two-hand finger thumb and other fingers to arrange the numbers 2-5. The right-hand thumb on both fourth-placed piano sheets. Of course, this case is not about all the songs and popularize some songs
Producers NET Starter, not on the song. In this case, the pianist must be located on the fingers herself piano keys according to the type of NetBook available in the song.

Sometimes the pianist rather than his two hands on the piano keys changes together and sometimes without playing the piano keys with his thumb two fingers of the other fingers.

Iranian instrument called piano
Iranian instrument called piano




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