دیوارکوب,انواع دیوارکوب,دیوارکوب چوبی

With wall-mount and can be covered in less time building

Wall-mount Wall-mount types + photos

Wall-mount due to the variety of designs and colors, water resistance and washability, sound insulation, heat, etc. are great.

What is Wall-mount?

Nowadays, wall-mount, which can be the fastest way possible time and without the use of materials, the cost of the ideal and in various designs and colors cover the walls of your building.

Wall-mount due to excessive use of the building and the capacity and characteristics such as variety of designs and colors, water resistance and washability, sound and heat insulation, light weight, quick installation and a capacity to forming of this product in places such as offices and commercial centers, restaurants, theaters and shops and houses can be seen more than ever.

Wall-mount types

Wall-mount can be in terms of design and color can be divided into three main parts.Which include:

1. PVC wall-mount with hollow internal network:

دیوارکوب تزئینی,طرح های دیوارکوب,دیوارکوب PVC

Pvc coated wall-mount design has higher resistance

Wall-mount this type of capability and features such as durability and high quality, water-resistant and rot is. It has two wall-mount design that includes typographic layout and cover design is the design of the shell has a higher resistance.

2. Wall-mount Fvmyz·h PVC or solid:

مدل دیوارکوب,دیوارکوب PVC,مدل های دیوارکوب

Wall-mount solid pvc, wood and stone façades are a good alternative instead

Wall Coverings and Wall-mount sample of properties such as low density, light weight, portability, high strength, flexibility and resistance to scratches and wear and radiation .. that’s a good alternative instead of wood and stone views be that as wood cutting ability of industry to have the desired components and to install it can be nailed or screwed his disposal.

3. Wall-mount MDF:

دیوارکوب mdf,عکس دیوارکوب,نمونه های دیوارکوب

Wall-mount Wall-mount mdf are more resistant than others

This type of wall-mount has a high resistance to impact and abrasions are made in the wall-mount base is made of MDF.

Wall-mount examples:

دیوارکوب های تزیینی,طرح های دیوارکوب,نمونه های دیوارکوب

Wall-mount Unit

دیوارکوب های تزیینی,دیوارکوب چوبی,طرح های دیوارکوب

Wall-mount designs

مدل دیوارکوب,عکس دیوارکوب,دیوارکوب

Decorative wall-mount

عکس دیوارکوب,دیوارکوب تزئینی,طرح های دیوارکوب

Photo Wall-mount

مدل دیوارکوب,عکس دیوارکوب,مدل های دیوارکوب

Wall-mount models

دیوارکوب چوبی,دیوارکوب,دیوارکوب چوبی

Wooden wall-mount



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