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What is the Internet?



Top 10 tips for using the Internet


Top 10 tips in this article with the use of the Internet will be familiar and easily you can use these tips to use when


Top 10 tips for using the Internet
Top 10 tips
Explanation: in the text below, if your mouse pointer on the blue fields, a brief explanation about them will be shown.


To quickly move between text fields
Tips on using the Internet
Probably ever come to you is that on the Internet, the information you have filled the form (such as form part of various membership sites), for fast-moving between the parts that need to be filled, it is enough to use the Tab key, use the Tab key to marker makes the next part to be transferred and you can easily continue to write down the information. It should be noted if you need to return to the previous section, you can use the Shift and Tab keys combination (Shift + Tab).


Note: these tips to the buttons can be used together, for example, if the last part ofthe text is complete, you can press the Tab key several times to select the Confirm button (square one hashor away part will be selected) and press Enter key to confirmthe information.


Of all the search engines use the power


Tips on using the Internet
Try to get the most benefit from the search of the terms in the search engines. For example, if you Google the phrase computer services by search, the results shown, allthe pages will be the words services and there are also computers in it, not merely a computer services and in the words of the pages that they have put together. To sharpen your search you can use the time search engine, your desired phrase inside put two “(that is, for example, in the form of computer services ). This makes your pages, just to show that there are exactly the same in their composition.


A lot of people who have recently started using the Internet, they do not know when the phrase into a search engine such as Google are, to start the surge can insteadselect the search button by the mouse, press the Enter key.


Internet browser programs, shortcut keys
Tips on using the Internet
A number of hotkeys that you can at the time of use of the Internet, to increase your speed to use them, some of these cases is given below:


Pressing Alt + D in all major browsers, Internet to the address field. You can requireyou to click with the mouse on the part of the address bar and in the time you save.


For the big and small screen fonts can use the key combination Ctrl and the mouse wheel (Ctrl + mouse wheel). By keeping Ctrl and roll the mouse wheel towards the top, large font and rotate it towards the bottom, small fonts.


To go to the previous page, press the Backspace key, you can. Another way to do this is to use the combination Alt + .


To reload (reload) page, you can use the F5 key.


To display the Internet page is full screen (Full screen) you can use the F11 key. Pressing F11 again, the status display will return to normal.


To open the bookmarks (Bookmark) from the Internet, you can use Ctrl + B.


To search a specific phrase on the Internet page, Ctrl + F keys to use.


Of tabs in Internet browsers
In all of the new Internet browser programs, open pages in multiple tabs. When you are reading a page, if you encounter a link that you drew, you can instead use the left click that will cause the loss of the current page, use the middle (mouse wheel button to button below the mouse wheel click) your mouse or use Ctrl + click left. This causes the opening of that page in a new tab and you can read after the current page, the new page tab to choose from.


Try different browsers


Tips on using the Internet
If you are including people who merely use the Internet explorer browser, it is also a chance that other browsers. New browsers, much greater speed and functionality of the Internet Explorer browser to Windows, and can be an experience quite different from the use of the Internet at your disposal. Including these browsers can be pointed to the following:
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox



What is the Internet?


This article will show you what is the Internet and about the advantages and its effect in everyday life.


What is the Internet?
Internet (internet), an abbreviation of the word (inter connected network) and hardware combination of millions of personal computers, the Government, and. .. That isthe same as the roads and highways are connected. Internet in 1960 under the name Appanet was created. Appanet was originally a research work to check how the possibility of maintaining the relationship between the U.S. Army’s military district, in the event of a nuclear attack. With time, the military and the mode of Appanet has become a popular activity that was original research academic computer for academic purposes to communicate together. With the rapid spread of personal computers between the years 1980 and 1990, the Internet is increasingly growing and different people of your computers connected to this massive network. Today, the Internethas become a huge spider web of millions and maybe billions of personal computer, business, Government and  That are connected.


Uses of the Internet
The Internet in particular do not put any person, property, and no particular Government, its overall performance on the power mode. Some of the hardware and software standards, how to communicate with people of this massive global network works, but deputy public, Internet is free tool that individuals of each Guild and cortex that can be attached to it and to fix your problems


The Internet contains billions of page is provided by companies and individuals around the world and different people can use search engines to access them. Search engines, reviews the various pages and find your search terms by the user. Of the most famous search engines Google, Yahoo, can be pointed to Bing.


Based on the research by one of the famous sites, most people use the Internet as follows:


Other tasks:
The main language of the Internet, English.
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