Now we arrive at another story, and that is the emotion and emotion of the man born in Esfand. It has every bit of a flaw and little to do with its unique love affairs. Love and feeling are part of this man. As far as I want to say, without that life, not only does it lose its meaning, but it really becomes impossible. The day the love sun sits in the hearts of a man born in March, the world witnesses the birth of a unique painter, an unmistakable poet, and ultimately a great artist. Here they were explicitly studied all about the Marchers who could not They will exploit the success of their lives and spend most of their lives in their golden dreams, but now let’s mention the climatic features that make the most of the situation in the first group. Such a man, without any doubt, is the best that might lead to a girl’s tour. He is someone who may easily become a scientist or politician.

A man of this kind is a man whom a woman will never have the opportunity to expect more from him, and this is the case for any ideal woman, even if we consider that every day a little bit of an overwhelming age of immense affliction They took home with them.Well, it’s perfectly natural that there is no defective person in the world, even an unprincipled born child, or a man born in Farvardin, who is a goddess in the administration of affairs, also has weaknesses.

The most important thing is that, in contrast to the flow of water, it swims in every meter of its progress and presents precious gifts of honor and wealth to the welfare of its spouse and children. The man born in Esfand is not a fanatic, and never to be judged, Who does not personally understand the subject, does not express a theory, and in this case he will not be criticized again.

It is very rarely possible to charge a person and, on the contrary, to a large extent shows up.

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