Interesting tips about dogs



The Lord of the animals with a variety of different traits and instincts of animals has created very loyal dogs and are interested in and sympathetic toward humans created.
Imam Sadiq says: “about dogs loving the dog to its owner to the extent that he is willing to sacrifice the lives and the property of its owner, and whatever way serves to take the pain and suffering of its owner and the hunger he does not drop.

In a true story has been quoted
A man wanted in the swimming portion of the River, but her dog and he were restless. It was understood that the dogs swimming in the River, it is part of the ruling of suicide but apparently the owner of the dog from the depth of the water and the risk of it known to the owner of the dog had 7 and ready to dive into the water in front of the dog he was barking and prevented him from the hand of the dog was angry and he kicked the dog was sure when. couldn’t be himself in front of the eyes of the owner the owner finally in the water and sinking To understand the risk of its owner. The owner of the dog looked surprised that dogs with all the skill that was swimming in the River were drowned and found that the flow of the water and the depth of the river is too fast to the extent that it does not in any way be swimming.
He saved from death, though surely not happy at all, but because of their loyal dog was lost.

Interesting tips about dogs
Interesting tips about dogs


To make a dog’s so-called Dominance and superiority of State money and are abiding by the House not shown these considerations is helpful:
After the entire family ate dog food (Dog) give food (in the herd, wolves are always male and female superior first alpha or eat).
Don’t dogs go on a Chair or sofa and Chair and sofa bed is a special man and dog with learning to respect this place, to those who use them, they will respect the time. Also, your personal belongings with dogs don’t like socks and shoes to play. They should just let you play your instruments to like playing ball and the start and finish will also specify it yourself. Even as the dog out of the House, for example, in the yard.
If you play with the dog the ultimate winner would be the means, for example, you must have the ball and you end the game.
When you first move out of the home and the dog (Dog) looking for you when the time comes and your first entry.
All dogs have a few main command sit, sleep, go and come to learn and should be required when above commands are controlled.
Recumbent dog, a dog that never provided or restricted car chains, close.

If your dog demands only in the presence of the owner of the stroking dogs and seeing the dog (Dog) obedience from its owner, and he finds the quiet command with let you do.
If you see your dog’s owner does not obey their owner or looking for Blackjack takes to close them.
Always let the dog (the dog even yourself) you will hear your voice and you will smell it and then get in touch and if you are not sure of your identity been informed whether or not to give him the possibility to close later.
If the case were not to escape the invasion of the dogs (no one can not even from small dog breeds blood faster) so the dog has more and better that Jerry is standing and something like an umbrella and other objects between the dog and its delimiter. Of eye contact (look in the eyes of dogs and other animals commonly used in each) in the language of the fauna of the scams often means an invitation to fight.

No dogs (even small breeds) with quick movements only children. children, running and screaming they stimulate the dog’s instinct to chase and especially children running a dog stimulates the stranger has a strong hunting instincts (hound dog) and to get children to follow them. Even a simple encounter (Mastiff) to a child three years old can cause children harm. Children may play device or food or whatever your dog owner knows it without considering and stimulate the dog to attack.

Interesting tips about dogs

Never try to detach the war not because it is a very dangerous dogs.

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