If we do not eat meat what happen?




Red meat contains all types of muscle meat such as beef, mutton, veal, lamb and horse meat. Processed meat also contains examples that process such as fermentation, cooking, add salt and smoked the other being experienced and not your natural state of which, including sausage, Hamburger, sausages and canned meats.
According to the report of the International Agency for research on cancer, regular consumption of processed meat with colorectal cancer (colon and rectum). According to experts, the person’s daily intake of 50 grams of meat processed with increase the risk of this cancer. The experts have had to point out that eating processed meat is not a carcinogenic factor alone and the risk increases when the person regularly along with other types of meat as well as processed meat consumption.
In the absence of unprocessed meat products is not useless, but the health risks for the individual who regularly consume meat, especially by taking these herbal alternatives that can provide the same nutritional requirements, the benefits of it can be surpassed.

If we do not eat meat what happen?

When the subject of diet and health can be raised, the adoption of a decision of the extraordinary importance of conscious. How to decide to reduce meat consumption or completely abstain from it should be aware of the problem that it does what the effect on your body. What’s more, it can cut the consumption of meat for the body occur we offer.


Heals your heart health
Inflammation of the body’s defense mechanism against invading pathogenic microorganisms and viruses. However, some specific food such as meat are surprising and inflammation can cause inflammation of the survival. The persistent inflammation of one of the basic factors of dangerous diseases such as heart disease.
Neu 5 Gc is molecular body produces cannot be made, but there is a red meat. According to a study in the year, 2015 in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences released, when red meat you eat the body to this foreign molecules through the creation of inflammation and reactive as defense responses. When you eat meat on a regular basis, to keep this body reaction and inflammation.

Moreover, according to the results of a study in the journal Nature Medicine in 2013 was published, red meat contains a combination called l-carnitine that interact with the intestinal bacteria, the key artery clogging. Blockage of the artery is the number one reason for deaths related to heart disease.

In other words, vegetarian diets are mainly anti-inflammatory and help to protect the heart.
From protecting them against cancer
The basic reason for a variety of inflammatory diseases of the potentially fatal, and cancer is one of the most serious of them. Report of the World Health Organization as having the features of carcinogenesis of red meat and processed meat have regular consumption with reference to other types of meat can be intensified.

Studies of the links between meat consumption and also increased the risk of developing some cancers were shown. The results of the study in 2004 in the journal of Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis has been released, showed that high consumption of meat is linked to colorectal cancer risk. When the meat is cooked or smoked even in high temperatures, chemicals that cause the certain free change in human DNA, and they become a cancer-prone.
But the vegetarian diet does not cause such dangers. A study in the British Journal of the year 2009 in the journal of Medicine, showed that vegetarians have less risk of developing the cancer-specific (for example, stomach, ovaries, and bladder) compared to carnivores.

If we do not eat meat what happen?
If we do not eat meat what happen?


Eating meat, especially red meat, and processed meat can be your lifetime from a long-term analysis of the dietary patterns of thousands of u.s. and Europe showed that vegetarians and those that consume very little meat, the more the life. Of the thousands of people who were studied, the ones who consumed more red meat earlier and younger died due to heart disease and cancer.
Replace meat with vegetable sources of protein such as dairy products, cereals, and edible brains relative can increase your life span.




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