If The child is jaded



Parents always worry about their kids are feed and especially if it is age. It is the time that constantly follows the guys run pen calves ranging from all types of known and unknown fruits to give him the name of health want to! Now consider this among children it is also miles to eat and jaded, parental concern is that fresh starts in their doctor’s Office are a foot and a leg of their dinner food! We are also going to be much concern from parents we fix in a conversation with a doctor specializing in children and infants, the reasons and factors of the anorexia from her children’s questions.

If The child is jaded
If The child is jaded

The doctor pointed out that anorexia is several factors, says: «anorexia can be due to organic factors or various infections happen. For the definitive diagnosis of anorexia must be children of blood test and a urine test. Adult guys with different forms of food and is often the child’s height and weight is appropriate but the parents always worry about their child’s weight up. If the terms of the pediatrician, the most important point is that these kids making weight in terms of the growth curve, the normal curve has put on because of the good growth, indicating the same. But if this growth curve is lower than normal, doctors are looking for organic and cause a deficiency of micronutrients in the body of the child.»

Guys do not attention too!
Most problems that parents in Nagorno anorexia have the poor appetite and low with their is too much to eat them. This is a problem in recent years and with a single child, a child, and two more prevalent views because their parents are paying attention to. That’s why the doctor says: “when a child does not like the food or the refusal to eat, parents should constantly tell him that it should eat food or go follow him up to force it to give him food. For example, a child may not have to eat the butter ml, so you have time to do her some butter. Because kids that age of their independence from the age of 5, it is possible even to find food storages to it to adulthood. ”
Parents should be enough to show their attention and take time only to pay attention to their child’s face without their own work to do and too much attention to her.

The taste of your child to adjust
Food habits of the same when the child begins to eat the auxiliary food does. On this basis, the doctor says, “parents shouldn’t eat up before the age of 1-to-sugar and add salt to taste, and adjust the baby the baby higher than 1 year is not a lot of junk foods and snacks hawala. Also, instead of giving the children food habit contains preservatives, food, and drinks, they are useful to eat food such as nuts, raisins, and chocolate ice cream and even encouraged.

To the kids what food is and at what time?
This specialist children and babies about children eating food before the meal explains: “that kid should not eat a lot of food, before meals snacks but parents shouldn’t expect from guys who also have breakfast and lunch and dinner complete with them.»
Among these mothers must have strategies to eat bad guys like that if there is interest in their chips, they are true in the home fries.
Mothers can be expressed with the doctor after meals the kids give water or buttermilk says: «it is good with the distance of 1 hour or more after meals to kids fruit or juice to be given time to digest because they are very good and their vitamins. As a snack could also give kids nuts and fruit. As well as desserts and fruit gelatin in them that are there for the kids is very useful.
Is anorexia symptoms
Anorexia can be symptoms of any disease or infection is the reason why the doctor recommends: “so if this anorexia find intensity, the doctor can diagnose it and if that child must be, in terms of chronic anemia, vitamin D deficiency and all kinds of infections. Usually in children 4 to 6 years old to check weight disorder or anorexia blood test to cases such as anemia and blood sugar levels judged. But in 2 to 4-year-old kids to check this thread more urine test is taken. No comments the doctor give kids vitamins.

If The child is jaded
If The child is jaded

No comments don’t give kids vitamins doctor
The doctor about taking the vitamins directly at kids says, “many parents their head and their physician without consideration for the types of vitamins such as vitamin B can speak to him, unaware that the large amounts of this vitamin are causing anorexia photo effect. Also taking multivitamins on the appetites of those have vitamin deficiencies are effective but in people with normal weight, may be the result of the photo. For the kids is that they are rarely prescribed medication anorexia because of this drug with effects on the nervous system increases appetite.»
Usually, the parents see a child up to 6 years old to assess health is good but when a child goes to school and has the maturity of a visit to the doctor can be a lot less. If in the course of time the kids have a lot of problems and the need for measurement of health periodically once every 4 to 5 months to see a doctor.


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