One of the characteristics of human beings that the material does not come in a compact account of the breakdown of humanity of man and humanity; a man is something else, and this particular human trait of any animal because he is not, for example, is irrefutable; the Tiger Tiger and Leopard trait we find that being is not, but it is possible that some humans are found that do not have the trait of humanity and incidentally of such people To be found in abundance. This means that the trait of humanity or Durand or from this valuable trait have unprecedented interest. The head of the entry is:
Firstly: what to measure the human character of humanity and gives tangible and material and not with the human body to anyone that has a body, but it is non-material.
Secondly: it matters that the humanity of human beings makes up just to try not be made human nature, this is a man that can be found in humanity.


Indeed, to whom it can be said that the man who just appeared and if it is the humanity he can be called a man. In other words, the criterion of humanity which is the criteria?
Generally, humans physically and biology are equal to each other, but what these appearances a San from each other makes a distinctive intellectual Affairs acquired mental and emotional issues, including that, provided a variety of opinions about this and we are here to explain the most important syntax, the expression:

According to this theory, each the size of the human knowledge is more and more the man of any size that of infinite knowledge infinite humanity of more interest than the interest. With this scale would have to say that Einstein told us that at the time of all the world’s most famed scientists more human beings of our time. This criterion even though the OS can be a virtue and superiority of humans than others, but generally granted cannot be considered for a comprehensive view of humanity of man.


According to this theory, science and knowledge to humanity. Although the science and knowledge provided to humanity and is one of the foundations of humanity but is certainly not enough. To temper the humanity of human beings is not to his knowledge.
It is possible to know everything a man and his knowledge is also high, but his mood was not human and animal. Now, if we accept that there are more fans of this theory is the question that will be raised here is that which is the criteria for mood and humanity?
In response, it must be said that it is humanity’s ferocity that measure human affection and friendship find manifested that the mother of all valuable traits.

The other school says: “humanity will benchmark is a dominating will of man” on the breath. In other words, the criterion of humanity, the human domination over himself, over his own ego, nerves, your instincts, you on me, so that anything that a human being can be issued to the judgment of the intellect and the will, not of judgment. The difference between the desire and the will. The desire in human beings is a stretch and the outer aspect of the attraction is there, namely, the relationship between humans and the foreign object that it is human to the object itself. But there are the most internal aspect and will on the contrary desire. The man of desires free traction and provides the desires of man. Each as wills works not every as to your liking. So who is the man that is fluent and herself to any size that is not fluent on the man himself of humanity around.

Humans have a fundamental difference with the animal, and it is that potentially more than any human being is an animal and less concrete. For example, a horse, a horse, and the horse are the real meaning of being a must have. A few horses being well that IE should be achieved with practice. A horse is a horse comes to the real world. A cat, a cat comes to the real world and other animals. But the man that is available as a one hundred percent to the world’s potential comes first; the world is not clear at all that comes next. It may be in the future, the reality of the fact he is a Wolf, a sheep may be a reality if the shape of the human form. May also be a reality his reality of man. The great Islamic philosopher and the Iranian entry insists that mistake that people will deem the human subjects are a type of all people. Say: the number of people, all kinds of people there. Because the man is not the type of sex. Of course, he is a philosopher. In terms of biology does not look. In terms of a biologist who just sees all the organs of the human subjects are a type of. But a philosopher who studied human and human reality knows affiliate to what humanity is called, cannot believe that all human persons are a type of people. Says: the number of human subjects, there are different types; thus we say human values are the potential values. Some people arrive at the actual place where humans and a lot of people are not real human beings as fundamentally human.



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