Huge cosmetics and beauty for the skin





In the world of fashion, perfume and apparel like clothing and shoes and hats and … Year to year, but any new aromas for every age and every situation is not appropriate.

Bvlgari perfume-like fragrance that heaviness, SCADA, preferably in official circles. It is always better that the official location of the bitter fragrances, warm, sweet and spicy.

In the making of essential oils usually bitter fragrances such as spice spicy Oriental trees and roots. Hot and sweet fragrances are scents that smell and also the taste of summer fruit and chocolate.


Huge cosmetics and beauty for the skin


Cold perfume to aromas to say that the sense of coolness and the recently-inducing. Usually, this perfumes smell makes the fruit flavors such as cucumber and watermelon because.

The aroma of sour citrus flavor to the aromas that bring to mind. Sour fragrances also induce a sense of freshness and joy.

Cold and sour fragrances cause mental relaxation and refreshment as well. You’ve probably seen that sports clubs, the air inside the Club is usually cold and sour smells with conditioning. The aroma of wild flowers with the taste can be more a sense of devotion to the environment.
In the spring of the gentle fragrances. The gentle fragrances and spring usually flower violets, blackberries, and Magnolia.



In the hot summer days to the shelf life of scent need to use it more frequently. With this account, it is best to use warm season of aromas that are more lasting.

In the warm season, the use of cool and smells sour, bitter cold and wild, forested and very pleasant. Use cool and sour smells in summer, and cold there would you pass your experience and as a result of the sense of ambient heat ِ decreases up to a sense of thermal balance.


Huge cosmetics and beauty for the skin


Shelf-life fragrances in cold weather. In autumn and winter due to low air temperatures, alcohol is available in evaporation of perfume later. In the cold season of the year, is better than the heavy smells like sweet fragrances, spicy and bitter.

If your skin is oily, be happy because it is durable and lasting fragrances on oily skin and dark. But the aroma is bright and dry skin, in a moisturizer and a lot of durability on the skin.

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