How to train a child?

All of us want our children to listen. When we talk about who should shout! We expect Nero roadway; child obeys. Or if he did say that go toothbrush, or drop off, we expect no nothing to do it.

Very often, forcing the kids to have a decent behavior that is the problem. The method of “whatever I say is” that most parents are usually resort to it to no avail.

How to train a child?
How to train a child?

Fortunately, ways to manage the behavior of the kids that there is no clash, no tears and angry, shouting, beatings, or insulting language ِ. In this topic, we have tried to provide the principles which operate them to you and your child can help to achieve the desired goal. The real start of this species bred, since the beginning of the child.
Keep in mind that preschool age children, normal everyday tasks, and skills of discipline that is necessary for life, easily learn. For children, there is a general way submit that in all the circumstances, it is useful. Learn it later in various fields.

To the right of their child’s behavior and at the same moment of it. Then request him (or her tips) to the next activity. In this way the right of the child to do anything that gives the value of a concession, sort of magical in that work, he is incredible, the next request is answered.

Whenever you have someone from your child, go to her side and touch her softly. So that your presence will almost guarantee your approval. Right now, somewhere in that command you to an action.
You want to make your child’s desk with a shout now, if you ask him to come home and from which side of the desk now, make sure you will not be effective; it is better to go with him and tell him what you want, then go with him to the kitchen.
When the brother and sister are engaged in conflict and conflict, not the rampage to stop fights. Instead, go to them and talk. Very often the same calm you to pacify kids is enough.



Acceptable behavior toward your child. If he were to lose something that we should not miss, she knows exactly what things can touch or. If he jumps up and down on the sofa, rather than blame him, somewhere that you can skip to show him.

If your child does badly in the presence of others, causing embarrassment to you and people who witnessed his vandalism are. In the mean time if you tell him “sit quietly”, “usually improve.
Before each new situation such as a ride to the aircraft or the presence at the birthday party, his position for description and their real expectations. For example, say:
When we boarded the plane, where the seats for yourself and have your belt shall be loosed. You can book or something being; with small toys to play.

That the child is trained properly for parents is very important as well as the correct behavior and education play an important role in the child’s character and his character also present during adulthood is.


How to train a child?
How to train a child?



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