چطور یک شب در طبیعت بمانیم؟

No one can deny the pleasure of sleeping in a tent one night and a full day of outdoor living. New Year is a good opportunity to take your family and they will not benefit from the experience of a journey nature.

To arrange such a trip, you should know a few simple tips from before and after check to the mountains and plains and meadows.

1 camping in nature more equipment than normal travel needs. Backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, water, good food, area map, compass or GPS, pliers versatile, needle and thread, nail clipper, whistle, appropriate footwear for hiking, first aid kit, alcohol solid material antiseptic, knives, flashlights, batteries, matches, foam for the sleeping bags, lighters, one of those things that you always have with you on any trip to nature.

2. propose a camera, binoculars and enjoy your cooking equipment. This will help you to safely nature, relax and enjoy the surroundings.

3. Depending on where you travel, camp where you call and how long you stay in the nature of the tools you’ll need: snakebite kit, survival bag, tent, waterproof and wind, liquefied petroleum gas consumption by 2 times , Chirag large branches Sharzhy- batteries, axes, shovels, axes and knives camp, wireless and satellite mobile self-defense equipment, seats, Cassette, water purifier, adhesives, rubber and metal, Coleman, candles burning late, and wind and waterproof matches …. among the equipment sleeping bags, tents, food and water are the most important things that must be considered on a journey to nature.

4. For those who want to spend the night in the mountains or desert sleeping bag is one of the essential parts. Sleeping bags in terms of materials used in its preparation and the ability to maintain or rather the ability to withstand the cold temperature and divided.

Bag full of dreams that are used in sleeping bags are warmer than others. This type of sleeping bag based on the percentage used in the warmer and lighter than the stem and crack. Of course, this type of sleeping bag for wet areas is not optimal performance.

Please note that sleeping bags means that travel and tourism is ecotourism also need to sort the personal belongings taken into account. Other items can be customized to provide.

5. There are different types of tents are also depending on the region where there are different types of travel. But it is usually recommended that a waterproof cover which can be opened and closed. Again, prices are determined by the power of choice.

6. camping as much as possible, try to choose a safe place. Deep valleys, in the flood path and near the river, on steep slopes, near the fire, exposed to severe wind and where there are dangerous animals and insects do not camp.

7. If you must travel group grows and several tents tents close together and form a circle or semicircle setup. Before setting up the tent area so that you can straighten it. If the wind is narrow groove around the tent to do. With this method, water is redirected to the way you want. Be sure to look up the tent floor mat is also somewhat cold ground and prevent damage to the camp. Night after each entry and exit from the tent to prevent entry of insects lace zipper to close it.

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