The most important steps to prevent

Seriously getting the signs we mentioned is the first and most important step in preventing this. If you see the symptoms you’ve mentioned in one of your entourage or if you want to talk to someone who wants to commit suicide, note the following:

Do not look at the face of a counselor, nor do you have a wise look at the edge of a savior. You are just a companion in this position, that’s it! If you see the signs mentioned in someone, you will have no choice but to talk to him.


Instead of looking for advice, listen to his words and let his feelings, fears and concerns go away as much as he wants.


Do not give up on him without judging him, judging his words, meaningless and absurd.You can make a better sense by saying these words: “You are not alone in these hard days. I am here with you. “


Disappointment improves the likelihood of suicide. In the middle of the conversation, you can put the hope of someone with the following sentences: “Perhaps now that you do not believe in these hard days, we can really change these conditions! Take a little time to come together on this day. “

Get help

You can not always do this alone and dissuade such a person from taking a decision. If you feel more frustrated than you expected, be sure to get a psychiatrist and go to a specialist office with him.

If you’re thinking of suicide, know that …

Psychologists believe suicide is associated with a weakness in self-esteem and inferiority in humans. Meanwhile, the passion of God can be very effective in preventing suicide. This belief conveys the spirit of perfection and effectiveness in mankind and makes it possible to conclude that the supreme creation critter is that it can reach the highest positions, to the extent that it is in the succession of God on earth. In this case, the thought of eliminating the breath is less likely to occur in the mind of such a person.

Trust in God, that is, trusting and relying on the omnipotent possessor and authority, and the most merciful kind to human beings. According to the Holy Qur’an, wherever we are, he is with us, and whenever we choose, we can read him and establish a relationship with his god without any formalities.

Suicide is not a solution and there is a solution to every problem, and this is not a slogan, but unfortunately, as a person who is thinking of suicide, he has a tunnel and can not see these paths, but what is the tunnel’s vision? When we were kidding, we looked at the outside of the tub. The circle of our vision was very dark and around it was dark. This vision is called a tunnel. If I set aside this pipe, I see how wide this view is. Depression makes the vision dark and makes the person close to psychic. For this reason, people who are suffering from this condition say they should go to the psychiatrist, not to be advised to push the tube!

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