How to make a natural sunscreen



Cute despite the reports of Iran sometimes sunny day must be applied directly to the skin of each person to be conveyed but using sunscreen to protect and maintain the health of the skin is also imperative, if you do not wish that commercial sunscreen contains chemicals to use we will give you a natural sunscreen and home we recommend.


How to make a natural sunscreen


Many of the ingredients in these guidelines has natural SPF (PF or protective factor against the sunshine, on a scale to assess the extent of the protection against ultraviolet radiation and the risk of sunburn is a type of Bay) are some of the materials and the amount of SMS PF them are: coconut oil SPF 4 SPF -6 almond oil is approximately 5

Zinc oxide 2 SPF-20 (depending on how much is used) Red Raspberry seed oil SPF 25 SPF 35 carrot seed oil -50 -40 protect this amount to the amount of material used depends on it. This sunscreen is somewhat, but not completely waterproof are the reason why it is better after sweating or swimming can be used again.



This compound without zinc oxide “s PI f” about 15, and with it the amount of SMS PF increases. Can essential oils coconut, vanilla or lavender and aromatic oils for fragrance to this composition adding natural sunscreen ingredients; and home
½ cup almond butter ¼ cup of coconut oil, ¼ Cup of wax 2 tablespoons zinc oxide some of this material can be used to provide for increased protection or scented skin against Sun to these instructions added this material include: 1 teaspoon Red Raspberry seed oil



1 tsp of carrot seed oil 1 tsp vitamin oil, aromatic oils, such as lavender, vanilla extract or other natural extracts that you enjoy the smell of. preparation of natural sunscreen ingredients zinc oxide except in a gated compound glass.
In a pan or pot of water and poured it over a gentle heat and put the glass on the inside. this water is warming to put up a good material to be combined together in this time can sometimes shake the glass or the contents within it stirred up this good work to be done.

How to make a natural sunscreen


When all the ingredients are fully fused zinc oxide were added and stir well to blend perfectly with the other ingredients of this article and bash the material gently cold. now you can use this material for six months in a cool dry place or refrigerated and used as a natural sunscreen to use it

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