When looking for a suitable place of refuge and protection were to think of it. And things like this to consider:

How much time and energy should take time to create a proper shelter? How much protection against sun, wind, rain and snow is needed? What tool or what tools can you create? How much material you need to build it? And…

Of course, you have to answer these questions with a variety of shelters, materials and know how to Sakhtshan.

Fulcrum Panchvyy

In this method, with minimal time and equipment can create a shelter. You are a poncho (thick cloth), 2 to 3 meters of rope, two wooden peg with 30 cm in length and two trees or poles within 2 to 3 meters need. Before the start of the two trees you want to wind up in the Czech anchor your shelter.

چگونه سرپناه بسازیم؟

Tents Panchvyy

This tent has a canopy for you and protects you from both sides. However, less space and limiting the visibility of the disadvantages of the shelter. To build this shelter you are poncho, two rope lengths of 1.5 to 2 m, 6 peg length of about 30 cm, and two trees to a distance of 2 to 3 meters need.

چگونه سرپناه بسازیم؟

Below the two poles in the middle of the tent to be seen as a fulcrum.

چگونه سرپناه بسازیم؟



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