چگونه سرپناه بسازیم؟

In nature, perhaps nothing as much as a trip to a shelter and the right place is not important. Shelter you from the sun, insects, wind, snow and cold weather protection and gives you a sense of confidence. So that sometimes having a good place even more necessary the need for food and water. A common mistake is to make it big in the shelter, a shelter should be large enough to protect you, and especially in water cold air is small enough to retain body heat.

Choose a place of shelter

In all situations when you want to place tents or shelters should choose carefully:

1. Build a shelter environment you desire to be close.

(2) must be large enough in length and width and height that is easily sleep lying down.

3. Do not try to place the choice of wild animals, insects, reptiles, poisonous plants and trees are old and not close.

4. Flood keep your distance range.

5 Feb side effects and the risk of rock falls far you get.

6. Stay away from tents near waterfalls loss.

In some places, seasons a huge impact on the choice of location. For example, during the winter you need to place it against the cold and wind as well as water and fuel Mhafzttan close. In summer the same location near the water source to the right and away from insects and therefore seem appropriate to situations where the wind is blowing or the gentle breeze it reaches the coast is a priority.


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