دودی کردن غذا,غذای دودی,طرز دودی کردن غذا,طرز تهیه غذای دودی

Smoked food in ecotourism trips interests of passengers is the good taste to the food. Especially if you want to barbecue and smoked chicken, or fish from the river or the sea yourself have recently, grill but do not know how and in what way it can be smoked foods? If you can not read this.

1 – dark wood burning cone for use as food gives you a taste of oil.

2 – wood hard wood like hickory, apple trees, cherry, poplar, oak and maple use. If you use dry wood before using them for an hour in the water.

3 – Turn on location and let fire wood to coal to be converted. Pieces of driftwood into the coal put food on the coal and steel network, and continue to put wet food and fire wood.

4 – If you want to fish to create each side of the fish for 15 minutes to bake, put on fire. Also for cooking a piece of meat with a thickness of five centimeters on each side takes half an hour.

5 – But Did You Cook food that you want to keep protected against harmful insects, especially flies, consider these tips. To protect against flies laying meat, meat should be dark, cool and dry, hold or hang them at a height of 6.3 meters. Keep the leaves of the trees. You can also hang fresh meat over a fire that smokes


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